Offers A Simple Path To Obtaining A Concealed Carry Permit

National Concealed offers an easy way for American citizens to get their concealed carry permit online. Thanks to Virginia State’s law of reciprocity, any citizen can use Virginia’s concealed carry permit in up to 31 states.

National Concealed helps people complete the Requirements for the Documentation of Competence with a Handgun.

Non-Virginia residents can use their Virginia concealed weapons permit to carry a pistol in 28 states. Virginia residents can carry a concealed weapon in 31 states. People also love the fact that Virginia’s 90-day waiting period for a concealed carry permit is one of the nation’s lowest. reviews show that the process is simple, straightforward, and surprisingly easy.

By taking their concealed carry instructions online, United States citizens can complete the necessary safety tests and qualify to apply for a Virginia State CCW permit for just $65. Even police officers have noted how impressive the training is at National Concealed.

Citizens can also instantly download and print their Certification of Documentation of Competence with a Handgun. Online video training material for the concealed carry test make the process much more accessible for law-abiding people.

Additional fees and documents will need to be provided to Virginia to obtain the permit, but a large portion of the most important credentials can be taken care of through

Users can also take the course at their own pace, and they may retake the test as many times as they need. People don’t need to spend endless hours at the range to qualify anymore.

The online training and test are available for free on, so users can go through the process risk-free. The fee is only required to download and print their official certificate, which is a safety requirement needed for the actual concealed carry permit.

Over 12 million Americans are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, believing that it makes them and their families safer.

Note: Current reciprocity laws may change at any time. Please check with Virginia State for the latest reciprocity agreements, requirements, and updates.

Legal Disclaimer: By taking National Concealed’sCCW safety course, you understand and agree that successful completion of the course and test or a certificate of completion does not grant you legal permission to carry concealed in any state. You must apply to carry concealed with the Virginia State Police and pay any and all applicable fees charged by the state of Virginia. Final approval is determined exclusively by the Virginia State Police.

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