The art of writing a good CV

When you apply for a job, your CV is like a ticket for securing an interview in your dream company– but it is important to ensure that your CV is added to the interview pile and not thrown directly in the bin. Composing a productive CV is easy once you get to know how. National Consultancy puts together the following tips to help you draft a successful CV and securing your next dream job.

Mention the basics

However, there is no right or wrong way to draft a CV but you must cover some common sections in your draft. These sections include contact information, educational qualifications, work experience, relevant skills for the job under consideration; individual interests, achievements so far and some fruitful references.

Presentation is the key

A prolific CV is always vigilantly and clearly presented, and printed on fresh, crisp white A4 size paper. The layout should always be planned and well-structured and CVs should never be creased or folded, so make use of an A4 ……………………continue to site