Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Gender Selection

Is it a boy or a girl? Well, this was a common question that parents who are expecting posed years back. However, today, innovation has made it possible for parents to select the gender sex of their baby from the onset.

PGD gender selection treatment can be great if you who would like to have children of both genders are embracing. Alternatively, you can also opt for it if you have a little boy, they hope for a girl and vice versa.

Those parents who would like to raise children of one gender are also going for it. Even then, baby gender selection continues to raise debate. In fact, it is constantly attracting supporters and critics in equal measure.

Before you join in the debate or even go for gender selection, let’s examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure:


· Gender selection lets you plan for your family better — This is one of the positives of baby gender selection. This technology gives you an opportunity to raise the number of children they want. This is especially welcome where there is a limit to the family size.

Most importantly, if you want a specific gender for your first-born you can achieve your goal. Overall, gender selection comes in handy where mothers no longer have to have many babies before they can have a baby of a gender they desire.

· Can help in prevention of genetic disorder — Some medical conditions are genetically related while others are gender specific and you can pass to your child. Where this is a concern, baby gender selection can be an effective way of preventing this condition.

· It makes it easier for you to care for their children — The advantage selecting the gender of your baby in advance is that you are able plan for your family. This is because you will have just an adequate number of children raise. Consequently, you can be sure of giving them a good education and proper nutrition.

· It can be a way of getting over a lost child — If you have previously lost a child due to death it can be relieving to conceive a child of the same gender as the one you lost. While this may not replace the child you lost, welcoming a new born of the same gender will lessen the grief as well as give your family a chance to move on.

· Gender specific preparation — Although you can opt for unisex items when shopping for your unborn baby, it can be more exciting to shop for a specific gender. From the colour of the crib to clothes and accessories getting it right also means saving money. Remember, you will not shop for items that you may end up not using.


Although you stand to enjoy many benefits with PGD gender selection, there are also disadvantages that you must be aware about:

· Gender selection is a breach of ethics and morals — Opponents of baby gender selection argue that by going for it, you are going against the laws of nature. That is, you are not only contravening the traditional way of conception by determining the law of nature.

· It’s expensive — The cost of PGD gender selection process is too high. It can cost you up to several thousand dollars. This is despite the fact that you are not absolutely guaranteed of success. Even then, the general rate of success if high.

The practice of selecting the gender of your baby is ongoing and it simply affords you a chance to choose the gender of a child that you desire. While it may be shrouded with controversy, you will do well to follow your conscience. For most parents, baby gender selection is only logical.