Interview with AcidRaps on the impeachment of President TheySinned

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Patrick: First question. What steps are you going to take to impeach President TheySinned?

Acid: All I’m going to do is spread the story. It’s a story that needs to be heard.

Patrick: How?

Acid: By talking to the people, of course.

Patrick: How will you convince congressmen to Aye this impeachment? Besides the evidence, of course.

Acid: Well, I hope they don’t judge this based on me but on the evidence. TheySinned has admitted to being a criminal and we must bring him to justice.

Patrick: If you could, who would you replace TheySinned with?

Acid: If I could, I’d probably choose Purgesabre. He is a fast learner. And honestly just a smart person.

Patrick: Do you believe you have the support of the people?

Acid: Yes.

Patrick: Why do you think so?

Acid: It’s clear. They are done with people thinking they are above the law.

Patrick: How do you feel about TheySinned’s performance in the Oval Office?

Acid: He is more concerned with his political scorecard then he is effectively running a country. TheySinned has chosen his path. I respect him for his commitment. I defend his right to follow it. And i wish him the best. But leaders must leader. And TheySinned has proven conclusively that he is less concerned with [leading] NUSA than he is with fighting the battle. This congress needs to leave him to his battle and Aye his impeachment.

Patrick: How will you convince die-hard Sinned [supporters] that he did these crimes and deserves to be impeached?

Acid: There’s evidence! Law and order is too important to be politicized with those people.

Patrick [This question was submitted by a viewer of NNC News]: Has TheySinned done something to you personally that you are trying to get impeached?

Acid: I’m not trying to get him impeached for the stuff he did to me. He did a crime, he must pay for a crime.

Patrick: Next question. Why are you trying to impeach him at this time? Are you and [congress] planning something?

Acid: It just got found, that’s why we’re trying to impeach him now.

Patrick: How did you find it?

Acid: I had a team of 2 others that was formed a few days ago. We dug it up.

Patrick: What punishment, in your opinion, should TheySinned have for these crimes?

Acid: The same as the rest of PS-35. TheySinned is a criminal.

Patrick: Lets wrap this up. Do you think that TheySinned has any corruption? If so, why?

Acid: Honestly, this is a game. To be honest we all should just learn how to have fun and stop just constantly hoping the other person fails.

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