National NGO

National NGO is one of the well know “non-governmental organization” In India, to offer services for children with impairments. National NGO was established in Feb 2012. The main objective of the National NGO is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management.

National NGO is running help centers in different places of India, as well as they are having centers in Tughlakabad where speech therapy, general OPD and physiotherapy centre is run free of cost for people. National NGO is always one step forward to help people in critical situations even in disasters and try to contribute as much as they can.

National NGO has opened a Relief camp in Jammu & Kashmir and they have been send Relief material to Jammu & Kashmir Flood affected families which include tons of Food Material, Blankets and most importantly Medicines for which we have been approached by Government Hospital of Sanat Nagar J&K. Though they have less resource, but still they intend to reach out to as many families as possible. right now relief camp in Kashmir is being run. 3 doctors are there to help in basic medication, a team is being sent to help people re-habilitate. Every child has a right to education.

National NGO work toward enabling children to gain a quality education that will have a positive impact on their living standard in the future. Recently the National NGO has been distributed Study materials in schools to ensure quality education of children.

National NGO’s work is not possible without the support of funding from individuals, corporations, institutions, foundations and government agencies within India. The team they carry is small in number but they are fully dedicated. This is the only reason that we are able to achieve the goal and help the people who are in need.

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