Photo — Dancers of Claire Kendall Creative Projects at the Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, CO

Dancing in Our Home on Earth

by Katie Wiegman

This April, for most humans around the world, life was completely altered. We have been mandated to stay home and work collectively to protect the most vulnerable among us from Covid19. This distinct moment in time has created a bizarre yet hopeful paradigm shift: while our immediate realities have become narrow, our sense of “home” has become perhaps the most vast it’s ever been — home is our planet, community is the entire global population. In order to survive, we must work…

by Casey Lee Thorne

Inside Out Contemporary Ballet is gearing up for the National Water Dance Project in southern Utah. Our branch of the movement choir will be gathering by the Emerald Pools of Zion National Park (ZNP). To date, we have engaged in movement research in Kolob Canyons, pictured below, which is in the northwest section of ZNP, in order to uncover personal connections and improvisational tendencies that emerge as we develop relationships between our dancing bodies and the bodies of land and water that surround us. …

by Ashley Gibson

A year ago, I moved into the bustling city of Atlanta to pursue a career in the arts. I wanted to be closer to the big city because of the abundant opportunities it offered. I grew up in a woodsy, small town of North Georgia so moving into a huge, industrialized city like Atlanta felt out of place. For a while, something just felt like it was missing. The city was full of so many people rushing here and there, but at the same time felt so empty. My heart hurt to see the deforestation and pollution…

by Lucia Gagliardone

Photo by David Leen taken at Cucao, Chiloé, Chile

My work Like Water emerged from a series of journeys. I moved through self realization and love from a place of bewilderment and displacement. I moved within the process of seeing myself and her body. I moved into community and connection as the dance grew through multiple bodies. I have been drawn to water since the beginning of these journeys, when I travelled to the Muelle del Alma on the island of Chiloe, Chile and the dance first emerged in me. I am drawn to water’s power and…

By Karen McShane-Hellenbrand

(In preparation for National Water Dance 2020 I reflect on the impact of our participation in 2018)

April 2018 marked the third time I had participated in the National Water Dance Project. Like other years, I wanted my engagement with the project to be symbolic and to have lasting impact. Along with a few other groups I had been preparing for the NWD performance was the Clark Street High School in Middleton, Wisconsin. I was working with a handful of high school students as an artist-in-residence conducting an arts integration project connecting water ecology and dance. …

by Dale Andree

Creating dances in outdoor locations, site-specific dance, is much more than simply dancing outside. Site-specific dances require an understanding of the location from many different perspectives; architectural, historical, environmental, cultural. Seeing through these many lenses offers a depth to how dancers engage with the space and how a dance is realized. The dancers of NWD Projects, the company that presents National Water Dance, and myself, the director, have been creating a piece for Jose Marti Park in Little Havana, a part of Miami. As we researched and explored and engaged within the space inevitably, as a public…

by Cory Eull

Being a student for nearly three years at Luther College, I have grown familiar with the town of Decorah, IA, and the region it calls home — the mighty Driftless Area. Decorah resides alongside the Upper Iowa River. The effects of climate change have been detrimental to the health of waterways in the Driftless, and the future of the species living within them is uncertain. Trout and other aquatic species’ populations, distributions, and interactions have been changing rapidly as fluctuations in precipitation, flood frequency, water temperature, soil moisture, and habitat stability ensue. In both my artistry of…

by Brianna Pilkinton

(Dancers in rehearsal for Trolley Dances 2019)

I have had the pleasure of dancing for Lara Segura for several years now. Her work has often married up the art of movement with social and environmental issues. She’s deeply inspired by nature and often creates outdoor, site-specific work. Right now, I’m in the midst of performing in another of Lara’s site-specific works for San Diego Dance Theater’s annual Trolley Dances. This experience has been such a pleasure. I’ve nurtured my passions for environmental science along with dance.

We are dancing along a restored riparian corridor which is connected to a highly impacted regional watershed. The…

National Water Dance

National Water Dance is a collective body of dancers and movers physically engaged in drawing attention to and action on water issues and climate change.

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