by Casey Lee Thorne

Inside Out Contemporary Ballet is gearing up for the National Water Dance Project in southern Utah. Our branch of the movement choir will be gathering by the Emerald Pools of Zion National Park (ZNP). To date, we have engaged in movement research in Kolob Canyons, pictured below, which is in the northwest section of ZNP, in order to uncover personal connections and improvisational tendencies that emerge as we develop relationships between our dancing bodies and the bodies of land and water that surround us. Discussions have centered around the following themes: mother/source, sustenance/survival, unity/separation, responsibility, conservation and recycling of energy in the context of movement, human as nature and thus pollution as an act of harm on ones own body, and the sensory joy of moving outside with bare feet!

Photo — Casey Lee Thorne in Kolob Canyons

Casey Lee Thorne is an Assistant Professor at Southern Utah University (SUU) and Artistic Director of Inside Out Contemporary Ballet. She was a Fulbright Israel Scholar in 2014–15. She will be working with seven dancers from the SUU Dance Department in Zion National PArk.

National Water Dance is a collective body of dancers and movers physically engaged in drawing attention to and action on water issues and climate change.

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