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Where are we now? Be young in heart!

Mana Khaeng


“Serving as a UN Volunteer LGBTI and Human Rights Officer for Being LGBTI in Asia was one of the most valuable and esteemed moments in my career. It was an incredible privilege to be a part of progressive change and development leading to more open ‘hearts and minds’ in my country and among my colleagues.”

Mana is currently the National Coordination Officer with Partners for Prevention for UNFPA Cambodia. Her key responsibility is to coordinate and implement the regional joint programme for the prevention of violence against women and girls by engaging young adolescents and their caregivers. The programme aims to change social norms and gender inequitable attitudes though participatory community sessions and volunteerism.

After Mana’s assignment with OHCHR for Being LGBTI in Asia, she pursued a Master’s degree in International Studies at the University of San Francisco graduating in XXXX. Mana also interned as the Volunteer Coordinator at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) assisting in the economic empowerment of newly arrived refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area whose lives and livelihoods were shattered by conflict and disasters.

Rashima Kwatra


“Being LGBTI in Asia has been one of the most impactful experiences in my professional and personal life. It instigated my life-long commitment to working for the human rights of LGBTIQ people, made me recognize my own rights as a lesbian woman, and was the foundation of my knowledge of LGBTIQ issues from my region and beyond. I am honored and grateful to have been part of the implementation of Phase I of the initiative and in the conceptualization of Phase II. Engaging with the initiative was and is a life changing experience.”

Rashima currently manages the communications team for OutRight Action International on internal and external communications, advocacy, elevating the work, mission, and voice of the organization globally.

After leaving Being LGBTI in Asia, Rashima pursued her Masters of Public Administration at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University. She was elected President of SIPA’s LGBTIQA student association, where Rashima organized the university’s first ever high-level panel on LGBTIQ human rights. She also advocated for LGBTIQ inclusion and visibility as part of SIPA’s Dean’s Diversity Taskforce.

In July 2016, She adopted her son, Spock, is the cutest puppy you will ever come into contact with!

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