Great Tips for Best Man’s Speech

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Getting a few tips can go a long way. After reading all these tips you will be ready to hop out of your Los Angeles Limousine Rental with confidence. Head up: (If you are flying into LA be prepared to book LGA Airport Limousine Service in advance!)

What the audience wants to hear

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Watch videos. If you have never done this before it might be a good idea to see how other people do it. Plus it can be pretty funny to see how some people have failed miserably, but don’t worry — that won’t be you!

Watch your posture. Don’t put your hands in your pockets while delivering the speech, try to have an open and confident posture.

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Don’t just talk about your best friend, its okay and much appreciated to include their partner in your speech. After all it is a union between the two of them.
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Tell a story. But make sure it is appropriate. You don’t want to tell a story that ends up making the groom look like butthead in front of both families!

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