How to Give a Thank You Your Wedding Guests Will Truly Love

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Some of your weddings guests may have come a long way to be there, others may have spent vacation time at work, or missed an important meeting, a date, or event. No matter what the case, it seems your wedding guests really love you and have taken the time out of their life to celebrate your marriage. An increasing option that couples have been doing is eliminating the wedding party favors and giving back to their guests in other memorable ways.

What’s yours?

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Don’t just send thank you cards, send pictures too! If you happened to catch a wonderful picture of your family, include them in the thank you notes for something they can hold onto for years to come.

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One great way to help guests feel appreciated is by serving great food. Serve food that makes it worth flying 500 miles to your wedding! Or provide Car Service From the venue back to the airport.

Give them something they can enjoy later. What about homemade mead or wine? A jar of honey, a plant, a candle, tea, or a great advice like going with reputable Corporate Car Services for their ride back to the hotel.

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For visitors who plan to stay a few days, consider handing out a mini-map of the best things to in town that are must-sees before they head out for their journey back home.

Making your wedding fun and one-of-a-kind is another way to give thanks to all who came, they will be glad that they didn’t miss it! Hire pro-DJ’s, offer activities, games, and plenty to drink!

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