7 Best Tips to prepare for gate exam

GATE exams are taken up by many engineering graduates today because it serves as an entry ticket to pursue higher studies. Cracking GATE exams can open the gates to many future career options. So, this one’s not to be taken lightly! And yes it’s not a myth that GATE exam is a hard nut to crack. But let’s bust the myth that GATE is almost impossible to crack! Come on! There are hundreds of them clearing it every year! Why can’t you do it? It will be an easy endeavour if you know the right tips and tricks and have a strong will to crack it! So how to prepare for gate exam? Here are 7 best tips that’ll answer this question.

Hang in tight! Here’s how to prepare for gate exam!

1) Do not mug up any rule or laws without knowing their application!

GATE exams do not test your memory power and it doesn’t matter if you’ve read a hundred books from the top experts in the concern subjects. All that matters is how much you’ve understood and how much you can apply. Understand that GATE exams puts your application abilities to test! So learn all the concepts by knowing the applications of them.

2) Strike a balance between speed and accuracy

Most people can arrive to the correct solution. But how much time does it take one to arrive at the accurate solution? There lies the real challenge. You need to learn shortcuts to quickly arrive at your answers.

3) The thumb rule of 8 steps

The questions asked in the GATE exams are not lengthy. While you’re practicing sums, if your solution is taking more than 8 steps, you need to re look at the approach of the solution. Because GATE exam questions are not really lengthy. This must be inculcated while you start your preparations.

4) Have a positive attitude and aim high

Don’t have goals of getting into local institutes. Aim the top IITs and IIScs and fancy being around in such colleges. This’ll give you the motivation and push needed. A mild tension is always good because it’ll keep you going and it’ll keep you reading. But don’t having the fear of failure which’ll destroy your concentration leading to low performance.

5) Learn different ways of solving

Most of the sums can be solved in different methods. Getting innovative and creative while solving these sums will always give you an edge that’s needed. Know different ways so that if one method doesn’t work in exam, you can jump to another.

6) Check your performance

Preparing for 4 long months and directly attending your exam is quite dangerous. Although you think you’re preparing really well, there are high chances that you miss out on how well you’re applying the learned concepts. So ensure that you solve a plenty of papers before you go to your examination hall. There are also several model question papers which are worth attempting. This’ll also boost your confidence.

7) Read only when you’re interested to read

Do not read your subjects for the heck of it. Read only and only if you’re really interested to read. If you feel bored, please relax yourself by doing something you love. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So read only when your mind is fresh and you’re willing to take in new information! This way you’ll save a lot of time wasted on reading that you can’t retain or apply!