Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

As someone who is chronically homeless and also someone with C-PTSD I find this article really ignorant and honestly glossing over any of my lived experiences despite mentioning that they exist. You’re making a lot of presumptions about why people call things unsafe. And who it is that is asking for trigger warnings. You might have worked in the shelter system (I’m assuming? Based on wording anyway) but I was declined from shelters every time I tried, because of a bunch of reasons including them policing my identity as a nonbinary person in a city where the only youth shelters are called Young Men’s and Young Women’s. Asking for trigger warnings is not censorship. It’s asking for warnings, so that folks who have been through these things can do what we need to to feel safe. To prevent things like flashbacks (which happen whether you see them or not), paranoia, panic attacks, severe anxiety, shit like that. This isn’t about discomfort, this is about survival and you don’t seem to understand that at all either.

Things exist that you don’t see and are attempting to speak for. That isn’t fair to any of those you are accusing of being too sensitive. Just because we don’t tell you why we need something warned for, does not automatically mean it’s a bad reason.

If you want to be inclusive, let homeless people speak for ourselves rather than assume what we want and need. We might not have access to the writings of Marx the bougie white cishet guy, but we don’t need to to understand inequality.

Also, other than a couple of exceptions where I disagreed with what I was accused of, I have generally found giving a proper apology has not left me out of SJ circles, and people have been more tolerant than they deserve to have to be. This of course is my experience and nowhere near universal, and when I showed more symptoms of my disabilities more often I have noticed I had less support and forgiveness, and that people would often abandon me for discriminatory reasons otherwise (classism, racism etc). But those things shouldn’t need to be apologized for.

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