Native x Mantle: An Alliance on the Rise in 2024

Native Labs
3 min readJan 22, 2024

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We’re thrilled to announce that Mantle, a rising-star among Ethereum L2s, has teamed up with Native to further enrich its ecosystem with smooth trading and access to the most competitive pricing. Through NativeX, Mantle users can now seamlessly swap their stETH directly for mETH, right within the official mETH staking page!

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Best of all, NativeX’s PMM pricing means zero trading fees, zero slippage, and zero risk of front-running attacks for users. By tapping into Native’s vast liquidity, aggregated across numerous AMMs and PMMs, traders are guaranteed the most favorable prices possible.

The numbers speak for themselves — since going live on Dec. 29th we’ve executed a tremendous $59.91M in total volume for the mETH-stETH pair! 💪

Providing the best user-experience, pricing, and safeguarding possible are core tenets strongly upheld by both Native and Mantle. United in these shared values, we look forward to an exciting journey ahead with Mantle in what is sure to be a blockbuster 2024.

⚪ What is Mantle?

Mantle is a high-performance EVM-compatible L2 scaling solution, built with a modular design combining a novel data availability solution and optimistic rollups. By building atop Ethereum, Mantle Network inherits the security of the Ethereum base layer whilst also offering cheaper and more accessible data availability.

Mantle is currently running its “mETH Double-Dose Drive” campaign to reward early Mantle Staked ETH users. Supported by the Mantle Treasury until at least April 1st, Mantle is offering stakers 7.2% native yield — double the market reference rate for ETH liquid staking protocols. Stake at

To learn more about Mantle, check out their:

🦎 What is Native?

Native is building Web3’s Liquidity Layer, a protocol designed to unify crypto’s fragmented liquidity and radically enhance capital efficiency for PMMs. Via their RFQ System, Native’s platform aggregates and connects order flow to PMMs for efficient off-chain pricing and on-chain execution. Since launching in April 2022, Native has onboarded over $100M+ in PMM liquidity and executed $2.2B+ in trading volume.

Their new product Aqua enables credit-based pricing for PMMs & Solvers, unlocking inventory-free trading for maximum capital efficiency.*

*Coming soon.

To learn more about Native, check out our:

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