Tranquility in the Tennessee Mountains

A life of isolation can be a beautiful thing. I’m the kind of person who likes to be selective about the individuals I see and meet. No one would ever describe me as being a “people person.” That’s not to say that I don’t like people. I honestly do. It merely means that I don’t feel compelled to be around them all of the time. I’m the type of human being who benefits significantly from being on my own for extended stretches of time. That’s why I was so unhappy when I lived in the city.

I don’t like being around skyscrapers and cabs. I don’t want to have to dodge enormous crowds of loud and overly enthusiastic tourists, either. Dealing with those things took a significant toll on me. It made me feel zapped and lifeless in a way that was highly detrimental to my spirits. My whole life was transformed the day I decided to move to the fantastic Tennessee mountains. I purchased Tennessee mountains land, and that was the beginning of a beautiful journey. It was the start of a trip that I hope lasts for a long time, too. I plan on living in the mountains of Tennessee for the rest of my life.

I’m not interested in department stores and gourmet dining establishments. I don’t gravitate to those things. I do gravitate to nature. Lakes are stunning. Wooded regions are stunning, too. I feel magic and mystery when I walk around in the woods. I feel calm when I look at the lake as well. The lake has a soothing effect on me that’s practically impossible to replicate. I sometimes find myself staring at the lake close to my home for hours and hours on end.

Being off the grid has been the most excellent decision of my entire life. I don’t like being easily accessible to other people around the clock. I don’t want my boss calling me to go to work at the last minute on a rare free day. I don’t want my coworkers calling me asking for favors. No, thank you. I want my time to be my own. Enjoy the beautiful trees, flowers and fresh air.

I don’t like being forced to tolerate excessive noise. I used to find it hard to fall asleep. I thought that I had insomnia, but I didn’t. All I had was a lack of tolerance for constant traffic noises. My neighbors in the city were pretty unpleasant folks, too. They didn’t respect my desire for peace at all. It was a severe issue for a while. They always threw large weekend parties. They were still inviting friends over at all hours of the night. That didn’t thrill me.

Tennessee makes me feel like I can do anything. I can run around like a young child. I can stretch my legs. I don’t have to feel cramped and limited in any way. I feel like the world is my oyster in the Tennessee mountains. I mean it when I say that nothing else can compete.

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