Looking Forward

Today is World Oceans Day, a day to celebrate Earth’s life source and the end of our 48 Days of Blue initiative.

Over the last 48 days, thousands of people from around the globe have connected and challenged themselves to lessen their individual impact on our fragile blue planet.

Together, we’ve aided in the recovery of our ocean a tremendous amount!

Here are a few highlights:

By making small changes to our daily routine like skipping the straw, we’ve saved 29,486 pounds of plastic from being wasted and ending up in landfills! That’s a weight equal to 10 female hippos or 2.5 African elephants.

Consumption of single-use plastics is arguably the most unnecessary damage humans are causing to the ocean. By limiting our dependence on plastic, we’ve made the future a little brighter for the animals that call our ocean home!

Miss those leaky pipes? We didn’t think so. By keeping our homes in check and enjoying a meatless meal or two, we’ve saved 11.7 million gallons of water!

One in 9 people lack access to safe water worldwide. By limiting our use of freshwater, not only are we lessening our dependence on this finite natural resource, but we’re making more of it available to others in need.

By taking 20 minutes to soak in some Vitamin D and unplugging our appliances when they’re not being used, we saved over 750,000 watts of energy! That’s enough to power a modern home for six weeks.

Not only does this savings in energy represent potential use for others, it means we lessened our consumption of fossil fuels, which generate pollutants and greenhouses gases when produced!

Over the last 48 days, we’ve also enjoyed close to 500 local meals, planted thousands of trees and native plants, and explored our neighborhoods!
Instagram user the_seascape.

So, what now?

First, celebrate these amazing accomplishments with your friends and family! The success we’ve had is something to be incredibly proud of and may encourage others to hop on the blue planet bandwagon.

Second, let us know what you thought! Share your favorite moments from the campaign with us using #48DaysofBlue.

Finally, keep it going! If we’re able to have this much of an impact in six short weeks, imagine what could be possible a year from now! 48daysofblue.com and the National Aquarium will remain available as resources to you, if you’re interested in learning more about any of our challenges!

Thank you for being a part of 48 Days of Blue. Together, we’ve been able to show the world that a collective, meaningful impact in the health of our life-sustaining blue planet IS possible!

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