The Story So Far

Where It All Began

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved dogs (like a good majority of people do I would imagine). It wasn’t until 2007, however that my family got our first dog. We named her Shiver since when we first saw her she was shivering hence the name. She was tiny, feisty, energetic, and extremely smart. All things that you would imagine from a Yorkshire Terrier really. She was my first step into the dog world.

Where It Is Now

I got my first dog January of this year. This was after a few years of fostering and puppy raising dogs. I not only wanted to get my own dog after seeing so many dogs go, but also thought that if I was going to be a dog trainer then the next step would be having my personal dog. Her name is Maze. She’s a KNPV malinois. My goal for her is to be a PPD and a demo dog. I hope to share some of my journey with her in this blog too.

Where It Is Going

Things that I want to achieve this year

  • Be able to say I’m a dog trainer
  • Build a great bond with Maze and work towards my goal with her
  • Go to workshops and seminars
  • Be able to work with more dogs
  • Help clients achieve their own goals with their dogs
  • Learn more about dogs in general
  • Release better content and post more blogs



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