LIS 724.10 Reflection On Process

Creating a blog always seemed daunting to me. When visiting any type of blog, whether it be cooking, crafting, or professional, they all seemed too difficult for me to use effectively. However, after encountering Medium, my thoughts have changed.

This site is simple to use and offers some fantastic applications. When crafting a story, I deeply appreciated the simplicity of adding media. Websites always seem to make uploading a picture or video difficult. The website that comes to mind that has this fault is Canvas. However, with Medium, the simplicity is on the next level. Buttons with images pop up to help guide you through incorporating rich text. I also enjoyed how straightforward it was to format the post.

I found it thoughtful of Medium to have the option to share your draft if you’d like feedback on it. I have never seen that offered elsewhere, and think that it is incredibly beneficial. I also was very fond of the comment section on Medium. Usually the comment section is the forgotten area where unintelligible bullying happens. However, having the comments pop up as a separate side module makes this section a helpful tool. It feels more like a conversation between the contributor and the reader than an afterthought. This note section can help you connect to other professionals in the library field and grow your PLN. Insightful conversations may be held on my previous blog post about digital literacy. Other librarians can give me feedback on ways to pitch new technology to my library. Medium feels like a place where a professional blog would thrive.

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