Reflection on Pathfinder

I found the idea of a pathfinder very useful. Recently, I decided to launch a baby storytime at my library. It had never been done before at this library, so I did not have any feedback from my colleagues. It felt daunting to create a program from scratch, especially one that requires a good amount of planning every week. When doing research, it was a bit messy. I always had twenty tabs open in my browser trying to figure out which resources worked best for my patrons. When I saw this assignment, I knew it would be great to put all the useful links I found together not only for myself, but for other librarians who may want to start a baby story time. Also, this will be great for my colleagues if I ever need to stop running the program and someone else needs to take over. I used Livebinder for mine, and I found it to be a pretty good site. It was very basic, and completed the task I needed it to do. I thought it was somewhat finicky when putting in text in the same sense that Prezi is. I also wished there was a bit more design capability on the website. I realize not everything has to be “pretty,” but it would have been nice to have more control over how things looked on the binder. I did, however, love that Livebinder let the webpages of the resources be used right in the binder. I think that is a great feature and really enhances the user experience. Overall, I truly believe that I will be using Livebinder in the future for organizing resources and presenting material.

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