She touched his penis and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you,” she whispered sexually into his ears.

“I love you, too,” he whispered sexually back into her ears.

He pressed his hand into her breast, which was very round and had a nipple on it, which was also round. He squeezed it rhythmically and moved his palm in circles. She leaned her head back and whinnied like an aroused horse. “Oh god, I am going to orgasm if you keep doing that,” she said, feeling her heartbeat increase and knowing that that meant she was going to orgasm if he kept doing that.

“Okay,” he said, removing his hand from her breast casually.

“Don’t worry,” she said, still touching his penis with a firm, yet friendly grip, “I have had sex before. I know how to do it very good.”

“We need to be safe though, you can’t get pregnant, I’m not ready to be a dad yet,” he said, pointing at a jar of condoms on his desk, “Not when I’m so close to becoming president of the United States.”

She nodded to show that she agreed with him. He nodded to reciprocate her opinion. She walked over to the desk and reached inside the jar of condoms. Oh, but before she did that, she wiggled her butt for him and he thought it was SUPER hot. Guys love it when girls wiggle butts.

She walked over to him with an armful of condoms. “We’re going to be so safe tonight,” she moaned like a porn star that was not a good actress, “You are going to ejaculate safely into a prophylactic and your sperm will not get in my vagina, fertilizing an egg and impregnating me.”

“Oh baby,” he said.

She took off her pants and folded them before placing them erotically on a chair. She picked him up and threw him on the bed, simultaneously tearing off his pants in midair before folding them and placing them erotically on a different chair. His penis was extremely hard because of all the blood in his penis that was giving him a very hard erection. He had a really big penis, too. She gasped at it because she had never seen such a big penis and she was very excited to put the penis in her vagina.

“I want to put this penis in my vagina!” she shrieked, throwing her arms up in the air and waving them back and forth with erotic anticipation.

“Not so fast baby, I want to give you some foreplay to get you even more sexually excited and then you will feel more sexually fulfilled when we move on to penetrative sex,” he said, placing two fingers in her vagina.

“Oh god that’s so hot,” she growled like a horny praying mantis.

He placed another two fingers in her vagina and lifted her up in the air. She was super wet and slippery, because when a person with a vagina gets aroused, they often secrete vaginal fluids that lubricate the inner walls of the vagina to make penetration easier. You can also buy lubricant at the store if you or your partner don’t secrete enough vaginal fluids to make intercourse easier and more enjoyable. But these two totally didn’t need it because she was wetter than a canary at the bottom of the ocean.

“Okay, I’m ready for sex now!” she cried out as he bounced her up and down on his fist.

“Yes, I am as well,” he said, gesturing towards his big penis.

She removed a condom from the pile of condoms and wrapped it tightly around his penis. “This is my favourite part of sex,” he said, smiling comfortingly at her face, “I love preparation and the consideration that goes into practicing safe and consensual sex.”

“Yes, absolutely, the fact that we are practicing safe and consensual sex is the hottest thing about this,” she agreed, nodding at him.

She stood above him and put her hands on his chest. Taking a deep breath, she sat on his penis and it went inside her vagina. They fucked SO hard. They did ALL of the positions, too: Her on top; him on top. Eventually, she felt her bowels contract and he felt his finger twitching and they both knew that they were going to have a huge orgasm.

“Okay, I am about to have my orgasm,” he said, his face contorted into a grotesque mask of ecstasy and pleasure.

“Yes, I am also about to have my orgasm,” she said, her breasts whipping around with orgasmic delight.

They both orgasmed at the exact same time, as should happen in any loving relationship involving sex. He politely excused himself, then removed his penis from her vagina, holding the condom at the base to ensure there was no spillage. He placed the condom in the garbage can next to his bed. They shook hands and agreed that the sex had been mutually beneficial.

“When should I call you next?” he asked her, licking his lips like they were covered in sauce.

“Whenever you feel like having more hot sex,” she said, wiggling her butt, which he very much enjoyed.

He picked up his phone and called her. She laughed, because she thought that that was very clever and funny, two qualities that she found very attractive in a mate.

“Will you marry me?” he asked her, holding a ring out.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” she replied, crying and sobbing and wailing and tearing at her hair in delight.

They got married and had even more sex, then decided to have a baby and they were very happy, but they didn’t have sex for a while because her vagina hurt from the birth, but it was better after a few months and they kept having sex. They had mutual orgasms every time because they loved each other so much. It was really sexy and erotic.