Flyin’ solo, literally

Here’s the deal, i’m recently a single sally and am struggling a little. Me and this guy were together for a long time, 6&1/2 years. Yeah, people are married with kids in that amount of time. Anyway, so we broke up right? and naturally i’m kinda having a hard time 1. staying away from him and 2. moving on. I mean if we’re “meant to be” we’ll be, but i’m not gonna rush anything, not just with him but with anyone I may meet.

Yesterday I got an idea to take a vacation, alone. I like to think of myself as an independent person but the idea of taking a trip to an unknown place by myself kind of terrifies me. But! I intend to break out of my shell this year, hence one reason I created a blog. Maybe this blog will turn into my single adventures…THE SINGLE ADVENTURES OF NATALIE THE GREAT. Alright so maybe not, but I kind of like the idea of blogging about my journey to a place outside of my comfort zone.

I don’t like change in the slightest bit so this whole idea is taboo, but gets my heart racing in a good way. Time to research.

My first solo trip I would like to stay in the country, mainly because I don’t want to apply for a passport and I speak no foreign languages. I can say “hi my name is Natalie” and “steak and fries please” in French and I can count to 15 in Spanish. Yeah staying in the good ole U of S is a must. I’m open to pretty much anywhere in the borders though, as long as its not a dangerous city where I may get mugged when I get off the plane/train.

So far I feel something with a warm beach, or something where I can hike in peace. Maybe Colorado or Florida….and then comes the matter of how much I want to spend on this solo adventure. I have a decent job but I don’t wanna be spending a crap ton of money, I got bills to pay. I have a feeling i’m overthinking this whole thing.

Random fact of the day: Cold milk steams better than milk at room temperature.

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