Here’s to a new year, and a destructive personality…cheers

Alright so here I am, 22 years old and recently single. Sitting alone in a coffee shop, wondering if the baristas are depressed because this music they’re playing is seriously depressing. I’ll be level with you, I can’t say i’m happy, but damn this is the kind of music played at that part in the romantic movie where he breaks her heart and she flies home looking out the window of the plane subtly crying to herself as she ignores the flight attendant offering her a bag of mini pretzels.

I wish I could tell you i’m starting this blog to expressed my oppressed soul or whatever, but honestly i’m just bored. I am bored with my life and want to make some changes to that so maybe this will help me with said changes. I’ll write about travel, food, my day to day endeavors. Maybe now and again i’ll dive back into my teen angst years and pull some crap about love and romance and how life sucks sometimes but all in all that is best left in 2009.

Let me tell you about myself: *ahem*

My name is Natalie, and as I already mentioned, i’m 22 years old. I live in a city with a great deal of crime and discrimination, (what else is new). I’m a hopeful nurse to be and I am about to tackle chemistry for the first time. May god have mercy on my soul. I mean if I can pass two semesters of A&P I can handle a little chem, right? No? moving on. My favorite food is pizza, duh. I consider myself a pizza connoisseur, been eating that shit since I could chew. Seriously, I can’t even burn my mouth on hot cheese anymore because i’m that used to the molten lava flow that is provel (hint to where I live). I like to draw, I like to paint, I like long walks on the beach. In all seriousness I enjoy creating art, a trait I gained from my father. I’m nowhere near as talented as he though. I also enjoy to write, a trait I gained from my mother. As an only child my parents are fabulous people who do nothing but encourage me to follow my dreams, as long as i’m not stupid about it. LOVE YOU MOM&DAD. Continuing on, I actually like sports, they’re exhilarating and I can get pretty hyped up when I watch them. I grew up watching baseball so that’ll always take precedent to others, but hockey is cool too. I like old movies and I like classic romantic novels, pride and prejudice is my favorite. Now before you go and start pegging me for some hipster, I don’t like mustaches or brooding in the corner of a dark library. Men who wear nothing but suspenders and fedoras are not my cup of tea and I like mainstream music. So there.

So I guess that’ll do it for a first post, not anything special. I would like to keep writing for my own enjoyment so we’ll see where this goes.

Eyes on the prize people. Keep chuggin away.

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