Horiemon’s speech at the graduation ceremony of Kinki University, Japan


Takafumi Horie, the president of livedoor, gave a speech at the graduation ceremony of Kinki University, Japan. He reminded students that it is the end of the days that you don’t need to use your own brain to choose which way to go. Because of the rapid development of information technologies and globalization, you will be easily left alone because you cannot keep on the rapid change of the world.

To keep pace with the rapid change, you have to do two things. First, gather as much information as you can through the Internet. Now that most people have smart phones, anyone can access to any infomation that he or she needs. So it’s up to your effort whether you can reach the information or not. However, it’s not enough. Second, you have to use your own brain, and order the information that you get, construct your own thoughts or opinions, and actively share them with many people. It enables you to be free from “common sense” which is rails that someone prepared for you, and gives you stamina to be independent with your own thought.

“Not be afraid of your future. Just concentrate on today, where you are now. Do your best here. It must make your future fruitful and fun.” This was his conclusion.

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