Double Jump.Tokyo’s CVC business, double to announce providing AWS activate program and private key management solution N Suite for free of charge to its investees in an effort to strengthen support for web3 startups in Japan

Strengthening Startup Support System by double

AWS Activate is a program aimed at supporting the growth of startup companies.

About N Suite

N Suite is a business NFT management service that allows multiple people to manage private keys. We have a lineup of products to smoothly and effectively conduct business in the NFT/Web3 area, such as issuing an NFT, sending cryptocurrencies, and deploying the smart contract. By solving the problem of private key management for businesses, we aim to lower the hurdles for companies to access the blockchain that underpins Web3 and accelerate the development of Web3.

About double

The Web3 industry is booming and we’re seeing increasing numbers of new projects every day, and we believe that this trend will continue in the future. On the other hand, we also recognize that there are many issues such as many projects struggling to create products due to a lack of guidance and mentorship in obtaining the right know-how in the Web 3 area from investment partners. To solve this problem, we launched “double” where our goal is to invest in both domestic and international high-potential web3 projects.

About double Inc.

Founded in 2018, double is the leading startup in Japan that specializes in NFT solutions and developing blockchain games, such as “My Crypto Heroes” and “Brave Frontier Heroes.” The company is a technology solution provider which partners with large-scale enterprises to help them successfully incorporate blockchain technologies into their games and company strategy. double has partnered with some of the largest gaming companies including Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and SEGA CORPORATION, as well as LINE and bitFlyer Holdings. The company’s goal is to facilitate the mainstream adoption of NFTs and blockchain technologies across the global gaming and entertainment industries while helping creators build the metaverse by providing the necessary technology and tools.



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