A little something I found on TextEdit from 10/10/2011.

Why not?

Can we?
Can we please!
Move mountains into valleys,
And make streams out of seas?

We’ll get the balance just right
And the timing will be uncanny
As usual the stars align
So effortlessly
For us.

You. And me.
In definite
To be.

Leave me on mars
It’s okay,
cuz I know you’ll be back
Let’s jet to Titan
And visit my sister sirens
Earth will be waiting
For when we want to come back.

A year ago. Today.
Or ten years from tomorrow
We can walk with the dinosaurs
Or hover with the Jetsons
Time is no matter with us.

I will write sideways and upside down
We will sing with the stars
Their same song
Of ancient truths and wonderment
Of curiosity giving birth to discovery
Of the intangible love of a lifetime
Of me and you
And you and I.

With the scent of pine
And the hint of honeysuckle.
Of me and you
And you and I.

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