Girl in Tech: Ruby Path

I don’t rememeber how it all started. Maybe my partner said something like ”Look! Ruby is so nice, you’ll definitely like it. Don’t you want to learn how to code?”. He said it so many times and one day I sat and wrote my first “Hello world!” program. Then I felt it — I want more. That’s how it all started.

It was really hard then. Trying to understand something you have never done before: programming. Software development. Web. I have a bachelor degree in logistics, but no computer science background. However it was fun. After years of self-deprecation I started to feel that I can make things. With Ruby. Many thanks to such resources as rubymonk, exercism, codeschool and codeacademy. They helped a lot. And my partner too.

I remember many hours of trying to install Ubuntu on my notebook for the first time. I almost gave up in the process. There were so many “almost give-ups” that time. And I still do this from time to time, because I’m a human and I’m learning. But that “almost” really pays off.

Rails is magic. So many “spells” that can do powerful things. It took some time to grasp a direct relation between this great power and great responsibility. And I’m still learning. And I’m going to for a really long time. Because that pays off and because I want to make things. Better.

Being a programmer and being in Ruby is special for me because of that feeling — you are not alone. All these open-source projects, gems, tons of documentation, stackoverflow, tutorials and articles. This culture, this environment is really friendly and welcoming. Thank you, people.

There were some projects I made to study. And last one is something special. Because I use it — every day. I know it’s not the end of my path, but it’s a milestone. Checkpoint. I made Memento. It is an online diary. There is no uniqueness behind its idea, not at all. I’m learning, so I’m trying to do things that Ruby on Rails developers do every day. It has daily email reminders, stats, simple search and ability to upload a picture to entry. So simple. So ‘hand-made’. I want it to be better. I will not give up until I outgrow it. Because that’s OK to outgrow things you make while learning.

Now it is about one year I’m in Ruby on Rails. Doing little things for myself. Constantly learning. My only reward is my personal experience. I am proud of myself taking this path. I hope that some day this path will lead me to career success.

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