Doing It For The Gram: Explaining My Love for Instagram

If you follow me on the social media site Instagram (and if you don’t, please check out mine!), chances are you’ll see some of the following: pictures of food of some sort, coffee, the occasional selfie, dog photos and selfies with friends when doing something fun, as many users on the app often post.

A picture of some cupcakes I’ve posted this week.

However, with over a thousand photos posted on my Instagram, it’s safe to say that I tend to take it to a bit extreme. And maybe I do, as people don’t really need to see what the cupcake I ate that night for dinner or some artistic photo of the beach.

But for me, Instagram is some sort of artistic outlet, and a chance for me to dip my toes into iPhone photography. Every one of my photos tells a story, and is a chance to express myself artistically. Ever since I downloaded the app back in 2012, I’ve noticed how much fun I have in taking photos in unique ways, angles, and even filters. Instagram has developed a love for photography, a reason to capture memories with the camera on my iPhone. It’s amazing that I can create amazing, high-resolution photos, all with a device that can be fit in my pocket. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

So, while I tend to take pictures of the mundane, every day object, I want to make clear one thing-I see some kind of artist quality in them, something that makes it Instagram worthy such as a cup of coffee on Monday paired with a clever caption or a photo of the sunset. Those things, although small, have a quality to be beautiful, even in their small counterparts. And that’s why I do it for the gram.

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