Prototyping- Safe System Alarm

Exposure to LittleBits-

After making initial observations and playing with the different sensors from the littleBits kit, I decided to create a device that would remind children to turn off the stove after they were done cooking. There were moments where the versatility of the kit found me and my partner overwhelmed. With all of the possibilities available, deciding what to do and how to do it became quite a challenge, only overcome by consistency of thought, and solid organization. In the future, I would recommend having a clear vision from the start, in order to bypass some of these difficulties.

My partner and I brainstorming ideas for our prototype


My primary goal with creating this prototype was making sure that kids turned off the stove. The first question that arose within this goal was figuring out how to make this device actually useful. The reason we were not sure was because at first, our device only activated when people were in front of the stove. This was problematic because if you walk away when you’re trying to boil water or some food, it would be pointless to have the alarm constantly going off. The way we were able to fix this was to add a temperature trigger, that only activated when the temperature reached 220 degrees or more. In the future, designing a product from the ground up and realizing all of its possible uses, would be a primary, if not first applicable step in my design process.

My final prototype! An alarm that alerts children to turn off the stove


Question: Why do people need our device?

People the Safe System Alarm (SSA) because cooking is an essential part of human life, and the SSA helps kids endure that activity. The SSA helps kids learn how to cook, while keeping them in a totally safe and neutral environment. It is unfortunate but true that cooking is dangerous, but with our light sensor technology, our device helps negate that risk, while keeping intact the reward of learning how to cook. For example, parents armed with an SSA can help nurture a safe environment where kids can learn to experiment, enjoy, and master this life skill. To learn more about my prototype, please click here!

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