Sprint 3: Ideation


For this week’s sprint, we were asked to draw 10 diverse sketches on the topic of cleaning; then draw 10 variation sketches after we chose our promising sketch. The idea of cleaning seemed extremely broad for me, so I added an extra constraint that would help me get as many ideas down as I can. The constraint I added was to focus on products that were related to house cleaning appliances. I noticed that this constraint allowed me to think of several different ideas. The sketch I chose to make my variations for, was my washer & dryer sketch. I wanted to focus on my washer & dryer design because I thought it would be useful to have a way to wash/dry your clothes that could reduce the loss of clothing. When doing laundry people always end up losing pieces of clothing, like a sock. This can get annoying and I thought there must be a way to stop this from happening. Between all my variation sketches I ended up choosing variation sketch number 3. This was the sketch where I decided to put the washer on top of the dryer, and have the clothes fall into the dryer when the slicer opens. I will make sure to add all of my sketches not featured in my post below.

I enjoyed the experience of completing this sprint. I was never a big sketcher, but after this sprint I can see why sketching is important, especially when it comes to creating and improving ideas. In the process of completing this sprint I remember asking myself several questions. One of the things I was considering was how can I come up with a realistic idea. I noticed that I had some great ideas, but when I ended up drawing them out they didn’t quite come out the same way I wanted them to. Once I realized that these sketches aren’t supposed to be full of detail the process started to become easier.

The 1st sketch that lead me to my variation sketches

How did you chose your “most promising” sketch? Which variables did you consider?

I chose my most promising sketch by focusing on which sketch was creative, cheapest, realistic, and wouldn’t consist to much in materials. I think I was able to do that with this design. All you will really need is to place a slicer that can open and close, which will drop the washed clothes into the dryer when ready. I thought this design was creative and useful because I haven’t heard of anything like it and it can help people stop losing their clothing in the process of doing laundry.

Most Promising Sketch


I noticed that I have trouble coming up with ideas for sketches when I don’t have many constraints. When I was thinking about the topic, cleaning, I quickly realized my mind was all over the place. When I added an extra constraint of focusing on products that were related to house cleaning appliances, I was able to push out many different ideas. At first when I was doing my first 10 sketches I was going really slow because I was trying to make my sketches neat and detailed. Since I was posting these sketches online I wanted them to be perfect, but I realized that sketching has nothing to do with which sketch comes out the best. The point of sketching is to help you ideate and to focus on one idea where you can improve the idea. If I was ever to do this again I will make sure not to focus too much on the skill of my drawings.

A View of All My Sketches-

Initial 10 Sketches-

10 Variation Sketches-

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