Natty Beatts

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

I don’t take part in ceremonies or rituals,

I don’t own a kaftan, or flares, or anything made from macrame

I never changed WHO I am to fit some spiritual mould

I haven’t found god

I don’t claim to understand what the matrix is

Or frequently refer to time being a concept

I would never use terminology to try and elevate my status as a spiritual teacher, whilst alienating everyone else for not knowing the meaning of a WORD

This isn’t a hobby or something I just “got into”

Spirituality isn’t a trend or an interest

Being psychic isn’t something I picked at a job fair

It’s all part of me, every minute of every day

I am just a normal girl, with psychic abilities

And there are so many more of us out there.



Natty Beatts

Natty Beatts

Natty is psychic channel, healer and spiritual biz coach passionate about spreading light through the power of words! Instagram @nattybeatts