Laura Mvula ‘feels’ there is a diversity issue in the music industry

The Oscars race issue had *some* merit (but in MY opinion was mostly about Will/Jada Smith feeling butthurt), but Laura Mvula’s view about the Brits and a ‘diversity issue’ doesn’t make sense to me.

Here is her quote from this article says:

‘The soul singer, 29, said black children were growing up feeling they were “not acknowledged in society, in media and in mainstream music”.’

So, out of all the different creative and occupational sectors of society I would argue that music has been the most inclusive for black people in the West, even before sport. Music has been a very important way for numerous black artists to make a living. We celebrate black acts in this country with the highest regard. I would normally list examples, but in this case I don’t even feel the need too. I really don’t know what lack of ‘acknowledgement’ she is talking about. She does use the word ‘feelings’ though. So, that tells us that she is not being objective. Feelings are not rational generally.

But fear not!

‘But she told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show she may go to the awards next year if she releases an album.’

So, if she needs to promote an album….then her self interest trumps her ‘feelings’ about black children in society and their acknowledgment…..

I won’t say anything more.

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