Closet-Hippie in the Workplace: A Survival Guide

The term ‘hippie’ is often stigmatized. It tends to be associated with smelly, sandal-wearing stoners. Enter closet-hippies. We work across many industries — from yoga studios to defense jobs, and even in government (shout-out to Bernie). We come in many shades, too. For fear of judgment (or dismissal), some of us play our cards close and stay well below the radar. Others may simply enjoy keeping a divide between work and hippiedom. A rare few will fully embrace their hippie roots and shout it from their cube-tops. Simply put, the modern hippie can take many forms and can easily slip by unnoticed. For the purposes of this article, we’ll consider the modern hippie as one who seeks to unite a healthy lifestyle with a conventional career. We’re painting with sufficiently broad strokes here.

While you may place yourself anywhere on this broad spectrum (or beyond it in either direction), there are certainly challenges that are faced by all. How can we effectively combine a healthy lifestyle with the rigors of full-time employment? How can we remain happy and energized, and not be burdened by the hours we work, the people we work with, and the type of work we do?

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