Always ACT on your “YES”.

The first feeling you get about anything is usually the truth, and the feeling to go along with & trust in.

For example: You see a car, some food, a girl… Something you LIKE the look of. You immediately get a feeling of “YES”.

Immediately after that first feeling, you get THOUGHTS relating to that feeling.

Your “YES” is the TRUTH. It comes from your deep down true self… Your energy.

Every thought that comes after that “YES” might not be the truth. Those thoughts come from your BELIEFS. Your beliefs are just basically your understanding of how things are, which can be pretty far from the TRUTH.

They are usually based on sources & information that are not particularly reliable and are usually designed to keep us small, humble, apologetic, fearful, conformist etc.

We when act in line with the TRUTH, that’s when we really start living.

And by proving yourself right over and over again (by moving in the direction your YES wants you to go), you really start to BELIEVE in the only thing that’s really important: YOURSELF.

When you act instead on your doubts and fears, you disconnect further from the truth, further from the good times… And more into a life of discomfort and frustration.

You become a walking (barely) living breathing “NO” instead of an open and inviting “YES ON LEGS”. With your head tied in knots because you believed in bullshit and didn’t give your “YES” the benefit of the doubt.

And if you’re still wondering “HOW WILL THIS GET ME A GIRL?”

Well, let me ask you: Have you ever met a person who is doing their own thing, moving through life with positivity, spontaneity, creating their own awesome reality?

They’re pretty interesting & compelling people, right? You feel good around them, yeah?

The bottom line is this: Men who act on their “YES” are the Men Who Attract.