How erotic the worlds behind eyes, the stirrings burn through me as love drinks me with desire.

A primordial fate, it surges to scream, pull back your hair, exhale on your mouth, admiring the autonomy you surrendered this night.

A hairs breath away, your lips oozing frustration. No touching. No kissing. No eye contact. Prolonging by ascension until the rushing blood fills more goblet than cup.

Fingers relish where they are invited, while little deaths flush your face, and you gift me what you never thought you could…just do as I say.

You need only believe an incomplete thought but once, yet there’s inherent wisdom from the silence lingering in their wakes.

The untouched may lay heaving. Abandoned and needing no one but believing rapture will find you again.

How childlike the parting compared to the act, how hurt feelings we display such disdain towards lovers, that given another hand, we still wouldn’t play it any other way.

Yes you fled while my flesh weakens, my mind sicker than that and twin soul mangled as yours burned spades but appeared like hearts in my rose tinted glasses.

More wild than your porn, your body and dreams, each could not reach the euphoria I siphon in spirit and refuse to come back down into flesh lit on fire for a life already past. My home is in the ether where all love still casts.