How to prepare Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea is talked worldwide in the group of health conscious people. Google is also not left idle. Millions of internet users are searching Matcha tea every hour daily. But, besides being the hot topic of 2017, some sections people are either wrong informed or still uninformed. Seeing the trend of the health conscious people I am presenting this piece which talks about the Matcha Tea.

Matcha tea is new kind of powdered Japanese green tea. It has powerful health benefits. Being a powder tea, we consume the whole leaf, rather than extracting the some of its water soluble ingredients. People use different types of Matcha Tea such as Koicha, Usucha, Matcha latte, Iced Matcha latte, etc.

Weight Loss Tea

Preparing Usucha:

Take one and a half teaspoon Matcha tea powder. It will be equivalent to 2 gram Matcha powder.

Now take two ounces water and boil it up to (75 to 80°C). Two ounces water will be equivalent to 60 ml water.

Keep the hot water in a tea bowl and mix the Matcha granules in it. Either use bamboo or wood whisk to mix the water and the Matcha powder properly. Avoid using any metal spoon. Using any metal spoon will dampen the properties of your Matcha Tea.

Now take the Matcha tea as soon as possible otherwise, matcha granules will settle down at the bottom.


Regular use of Matcha tea will give you a slim fit body as it burns extra fats. It mobilizes the cells and tissues of each and every parts of your body organs and activates them.

Benefits of Matcha Tea

Note: overdose of Matcha tea can create severe health problems. So cut you upper consumption limit to Maximum four cups daily.

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