Senate Bill 277 will force all schools to enforce that all students no matter their belief or medical condition to be compliant with 49 vaccination schedule. If you don’t want vaccinations then you have to home school.

The biggest problem with vaccinations is not the vaccination itself (the delivery of a disease to prep the immune system) it is that vaccinations have thimerosal a cheap mercury-based preservative (methylmercury) that although controls bacteria and fungi getting into multiple dose vaccination vials is a terrible neurotoxin. Even if a vaccine is “thimerosal free” it still has trace amounts of Mercury in the same way that decaf coffee still has coffee, and comes with more Aluminum or other preservatives (carcinogen formaldehydes). Aluminum has a synergistic effect on Mercury making it even more toxic.

Mercury and Aluminum are both heavy metals and they cause heavy metal toxicity.

Mercury is a neuro-toxin that has visibly been seen to shrink nerves and have brain damage. Mercury toxicity symptoms are exactly the same as those found in autism, mad hatter syndrome, pink disease- all have the same common effects all caused by mercury.

Each thimerosal containing vaccine has 25mcg (micrograms) of mercury.

Various agencies have developed guidelines for safe exposure to methylmercury, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Mahaffey et al. 1997), U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR 1999), the FDA (Federal Register 1979)1, and the World Health Organization (WHO 1996). These exposure levels range from 0.1 mcg/kg body weight/day- children receiving just one vaccine in one day are getting 25mcg per 8 lbs. of total body weight that translates to….1.42mcg/kg per day- that is 14 times the dose- for just ONE vaccine- but babies are given 14 or more vaccinations by 2 months= 350mcg/8lbs or 20mcg/kg per day that is 200 times more than the recommended toxic load!!!! Causing neurological diseases such as autism- we know it’s the mercury or heavy metal in the vaccine because after extensive mercury cleansing using chelating agents you can reverse most of symptoms (with the exception of any irreversible damage).

Because it is cheap and easy to produce vaccines using these toxic preservatives it is being done despite good logic not to! And in Jan. 2016 you will not have a choice if this bill is passed to take life into your own hands, you will be forced to vaccinate or else you could be labelled as an irresponsible negligent parent that can actually be imprisoned. They are talking of grandfathering in the children already in school but enforcing it at grade 7!

We know mercury is poisonous- for example when a mercury containing filing is removed from the mouth it is handled as toxic!!! Why are we allowing 200 times the allowable amount to be injected directly into our children’s bloodstreams=brains?

Ridiculous but true- as Eckhart Tolle would say you cannot remove with logic something that was placed there without logic.

Senate bill 277: