Singapore Health Lifestyle: A Guide to Organic Food Delivery

The demand in food delivery has changed many companies’ strategies in selling their products for both local and international customers. In Singapore, the retail food sectors have offered internet shopping and free delivery for their conventional or organic food products as they try to reach out more potential customers — mostly millennials.

As fast adopters of new technology, most millennials prefer the online ordering system because it is more accessible than to buy from a physical store. In situations like bad weather and heavy rush-hour afternoon traffic, food delivery is a life and time saver. Customers do not need to drive during inclement weather and they do not need to deal with traffic.

How Food Delivery Works

Food delivery begins by placing an order to the website indicating the number of items to buy. After adding the items to the virtual cart, the next button will route the buyer to billing and delivery page where forms must be filled out. The proceed button will lead the buyer to complete the payment transaction.

Once the payment is completed, the company starts packing the items and sends to its courier for delivery. The delivery time for food is faster than non-perishable items because food must be delivered fresh at all times. For a professional online organic food shop in Singapore like Nature’s Glory, the entire process is flawless and each item is delivered on-time.

Guidelines For Organic Food Delivery In Singapore

Having an all-organic meal is challenging for busy millennials and working moms because they do not have enough time to scrutinize each organic food available in a physical store. As a result, they go to an online shop that offers all-organic food items. Just by placing their order, the store manages to do the tedious tasks from selecting to the packing of the items until it reaches the customer’s doorsteps.

If you are a first-time online shopper of organic foods, you may encounter greenwashed products. These products are labeled with organic wordings or designed with packaging similar to organic packaging but provides misleading information. But how can you tell that you are buying real organic foods? Here are two important guidelines that you must take note especially when you are purchasing it online.

1- Certified by USDA or NASAA

An online organic shop offers premium quality food that can either come from the local markets or imported from direct distributors. Each item has passed the international organic standards set by countries including US, Australia, Europe and Japan. The presence of an organic produce certificate such as USDA in US and NASAA in Australia must be available. For Thailand produce, a certification from the Thailand government is required.

2 — Wide selection of healthy and fresh produce

Companies that advocate eating organic food must provide a wide selection of healthy and fresh produce. Rice, bread, fruits, noodles, pasta, vegetables and beverages are staples that must be available on an online store. Even condiments and desserts must be offered by the store to help the customer to create an all-organic meal.

There are times when the items are out-of-stock which is a usual scenario for an online organic food shop. However, a notification that it will be replenished soon will be provided next to the item.


Nature’s Glory is a Singapore-based organic online shop that offers US-based and Australian-based organic foods that meticulously passed the certification required within each country. It also offers fresh fruits and vegetables from Thailand. Its organic food delivery system features an easy seven-step-process from placing an order to its completion. Every member is eligible for the discount offered by the company.

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