A Few of My Favorite Apps

Blue Pearl collection by John Kim on Priime (via Color Play group)

I’m obsessed with automating things and discovering new ways to use technology to improve my daily life. A few staple services that I use include but are not limited to:

Tradesy Clearance Spotlight: Shoes


Buy and sell new and pre-owned luxury items. Although I’ve only used this for selling items, which is a a quick and easy process, I like how they have collections organized into categories like ‘Forever Pieces Under $500’.

To sell an item, type in a few key words, describe the item(s), and Tradsey will help with pricing, selling, and shipping. They’ll send you packaging materials when the item sells and pay you after the item is delivered to the buyer. You can then use those funds to buy more items on Tradsey or you can cash out to a bank account for a fee.

I’ve sold laptop bags, purses, wallets, sandals, heels, and luggage on Tradsey. You can also sell (or buy) clothing and wedding-related items. The best part? You can do this all from your phone (iOS & Android): list your item, take photos, message buyers, request payouts, and shop on Tradesy.

Rent the Runway’s ‘Occasions’

Rent the Runway

Rent designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories for special occasions (or just because). There are several tiers of options, including a Pro membership that covers insurance, shipping (delivery & return), a free 2nd size, a free dress on your birthday, and further discounts on clothing and accessory rentals.

From The Earth & The Water & The Sky Priime Collection by Fanis


Photo editing filter presets in bundles for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Lightroom. I’m getting married in 17(!) days and feel super uncomfortable registering for things I buy myself like towels and salad bowls, but can I register for these? I have all of the presets for iPhone but would love to try the rest. Users can even publish their work through Priime Collections and Groups.

A Color Story apps & products for photo editing on mobile and desktop.

A Color Story

Another gorgeous photo editing app for iOS, Android, and desktop (Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions). Check out a featured collection to see photos before and after editing.

Marco Polo

A video walkie talkie app available on iOS and Android. It has gimmicky features like face filters (think mid-2000s PhotoBooth, not 2017 Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), emoji reactions, and the option to take photos and add text.

The differentiator? The messages don’t disappear after you watch them, or even after 24 hours like Stories do. It’s a back-and-forth video message thread, making the dialog much more conversational instead of sharing snippets of moments.

What are a few of your favorite apps/services? Let me know in the comments!

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