Brand New Future. ThingSpace

For most people, Hello Google and Smart Home are technologies of future. But we’re stepping up new solutions and changes which will affect all aspects of our life — home, work, cars, phones and even body. Furthermore, we control them by only one application. The Internet of Things (IoT) and upcoming platform ThingSpace can help us with it.

But what ThingSpace actually is and how it works?

ThingSpace is a simple all-in-one development platform which helps prototype, test and get to market faster. It provides easy access to APIs, application platforms, dev kits and collaboration with IoT experts, provision, monitor and control devices and connectivity through a single portal. It tries to combine business and family in order to work more safely, productively and economically, opens up new markets and new sources of revenue.

To use this platform, you need to install a sensor, it collects the data and makes a video. You can control it with your iphone, tablet or laptop. The information is integrated with public available data sources which allows to get actual data and make quick decisions. ThingSpace IoT development platform seems useful and promising because designed to work with different connections (Verizon’s LTE network, WiFi, Zigbee), able to access the APIs and to embed them that would manage devices, create alerts, suspend devices, capture information, etc., into the application they develop. The platform signup is free so everyone can join. Marketing, distribution and access to the marketplace through Verizon sales organization — company captures revenue-share at that application layer.

Sounds impressive and unbelievable.