Alton Sterling was murdered because in America we still consider a black man property and not a man. America has never gotten over the fact that slaves were freed. From the moment black men were declared free, America has devised schemes that keep them captive. America has schemed to destroy them, break them down, and kill them. Since America couldn’t kill their spirit, they have gone after their bodies.

Black Code laws, which were instituted to suppress the freedoms of black men, may not be legal anymore, but their use continues. Laws called apprenticeships, which basically enslaved black children, may not exist anymore, but black children still do not get the same education as other children. Sure, black men have the right to vote, but voting is still restricted. One in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime.

Still, in America, in 2016, color and race determine much of our fate. Racism has never ceased to exist, it lay dormant for sometime, but it is back and in full force.

If we don’t stand up for Black Lives Matter today, right now, this second, there will be a time when we have to say that Latino Lives Matter, that Women Lives Matter.

Our constitution makes every woman and man, a human being. Unfortunately, America hasn’t gotten the message.