We did not lift people out of Poverty with our work at Goldman.

I am proud of the work I did at Goldman, but we were not “helping lift people out of poverty”. I was lifted out of poverty, because I made a bunch of money by helping really wealthy people invest in more creative, smart ways. I am not ashamed of that.

BUT to suggest that we were helping people who had achieved the American Dream is the biggest stretch I’ve ever heard.

You know who has achieved the American dream, the people Ted Cruz wants to deport, because despite his hatred, we are still standing, and we are still striving to make this country a better place for everyone.

Maybe I should thank Heidi, because during my time at Goldman, she often asked me to help her find solutions for her clients, which helped me gain more experience. We worked together, and I did a bunch of calls with her and her clients. I wonder if she regrets that now, since I was an “illegal alien” and all.

I wonder what she would say to me now — would she have deported me?

If Heidi would really like to help people, she has an opportunity now. She should take her personal experience of our time working together to change the narrative and awful rhetoric on immigrants that Ted Cruz espouses across the campaign trail. If Heidi wants to really help people, she should do it now and talk with her husband about the American Dream he wants to deny the millions of people, like me, that contribute to our economy and make our nation stronger. Here is a real opportunity to help, Heidi. I hope you will act on it.