Nigerian Senate’s Refusal to confirm Mr.Ibrahim Magu.

Malfeasance in Nigeria’s senate.

Abuse of power. in office is often cause for removal of an elected official by statute or recall election.

Abuse of power can also mean a person using the power they have for their own personal gain.

Senate’s refusal to confirm the Acting EFCC chief is a mock on our democracy,it’s not in the interest of the executive branch of the Federal government nor in the best interests of citizens like You and I.

What the rejection means is the blatant. institutionalization of corruption in the higher offices,it means that the law makers are corrupt and crooked hence afraid that if fully empowered the EFCC could devour them as well there revert to using the political power given to them by the masses. to frustrate all deliberate efforts to empower the EFCC and enable it to discharge it’s duties by refusing to confirm the most fitting man for the job.

Their pseudo reasons being the controversial dual report by the DSS questioning his integrity on one report and affirming in the latter,but the real reason is that a lot of the law makers including most of the most senior principal officers have pending charges with the EFCC and are afraid that it can come after them,so they’re using the confirmation as leverage and immunity for themselves.

Even if another person is to be nominated they’ve already strike fear into his heart which will deter him from effectively doing his job.

This is a rape on our democracy,it’s against the rule of law,it’s against the values that gave birth to this nation we most not give a nonchalant shrug to this blatant abuse of power,as citizens we employ both the legislature and the executive we must question and if necessary override their decisions,this is one of those critical moments where all relevant bodies and political pressure groups must rise and intervene.

I therefore call on labour unions,student unions,CSOs and all other pro democracy bodies to use all available mechanisms to stopping this negative development as threatens the authenticity of our democracy.

Corruption is the biggest impediment. to our national development we are lucky to have a leader bold enough to take on this risky fight against a. deeply rooted corruption, he needs all the help he can get,the time is now.

We have the power to recall any Law maker that chooses to stand with corruption.

Naufal Ahmad


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