Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim.

Hi Everybody,

On my this medium, i want to create write-up about how i got $500 for this bug. Just simple bug but it’s logic.

Oke lets’go for the short write-up….

First, I’m live video on facebook application android, after it when i live video like on my story or live video to group facebook, i tried to log out the device and changed password from the link :

And in the screen smartphone will be alert or pup-up Session Expired. But, live video still running, and stopped when i click Oke for the pop-up

Proof Of Concept :

Timeline :

  1. Reported to facebook - Augustus 21, 2019
  2. Facebook team reply - Augustus 24, 2019

3. Facebook team reply -Augustus 28, 2019

4. Facebook team reply -September 24, 2019

5. Finally, I got $500 from facebook. Thanks to Allah SWT and to MA & DT

    Naufal Septiadi

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