Problems of a rock star

I’m turning 25 and still no concrete plans for the next five years. After college, I went straight to working in the industry. No. Not the music industry. The mining industry. I am a lady Geologist from the Philippines.

Entering the mining industry was an opportunity that just landed on my feet. I pictured myself as a Petroleum Geologist from taking interest in the course from my undergrad but I do love my minerals so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try out being a junior exploration geologist.

I learned everything that I could from my seniors there. They were all eager to teach and share what they know. And three years later, I got sick of the lifestyle. Working errday errweek errmonth with just 8 days break including travel time. Gosh I missed having weekends then. Don’t misunderstand. I loved the job! It was my life’s adventure. I loved the people too but then I missed the normal life. So I settled for a desk job that doesn’t really challenge me all that much.

Now comes the change I want.

I’m thinking of going to graduate school to pursue higher education but I don’t know which course to take. Should I do hydrogeology or economic geology? Or do I do away with geology altogether? Gosh this is hard. And I’m procrastinating. I need to make up my mind and fast.

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