Collateral Damage: Germany’s Migrant Crisis

New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany is a festive occasion. To foreign onlookers, it’s a kind of joyful chaos, as thousands of fireworks are set off by everyone and their mom. But as many of you have heard already, this year’s celebration took a remarkably dark turn when several women reported being sexually assaulted by gangs of men.

The reported assaults in several major German cities were a huge problem for a variety of reasons, the largest of which being that the men were reported to be of middle eastern and North African descent. This presented, even more, problems, as Germany was already struggling under the economic weight of supporting thousands of Syrian Refugees and Economic Migrants, under German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Open door immigration policy.

This is probably the reason that it took several days for the German media to even report on the phenomena. In fact, information is still coming out about the multiple allegations of sexual assault. All of the women tell an eerily similar story, of being surrounded and then molested by migrant men.

As several European countries sit in the midst of their worst nightmare, many people are wondering how and why this happened. Several more are wondering who’s to blame. To find that answer I started researching the migrant crisis and I was shocked as many would be, by what I found.

While several are jumping to blame Islam, rape culture, and patriarchy specifically, I find that those theories are an over-simplification of a complex problem. A problem that begins with white guilt, stupidity, and shameless opportunism.

It begins with rumors on the wind, told to people in the Middle east and Africa. They are told stories of kind people, social programs, jobs, and most importantly money. So thousands of people learning of Syrian refugees seeking asylum, see an opportunity to start a new life somewhere else. They can be a new person in a rich country, but that opportunity comes with a price.

People spend their life savings on fake passports and give money to shifty coyotes to sneak them across international waters in vessels that are barely seaworthy. But this is only the beginning of their trek across Europe to a final destination.

As you would expect, there are more sinister individuals among the refugees and opportunistic economic migrants. There are criminals and religious radicals. There are people who are more than willing to take what they want if it means a clean slate and a better life.

As you would imagine when the more sinister individuals reach countries like Germany, they continue to do the same horrible things that they did back home. Those particular migrants commit acts of violence, theft, and sexual assault. While they don’t make up the majority of the asylum seekers, they present a problem for the government, the general public, and German Authorities.

Now in normal circumstances, when people decided to engage in criminal acts like rape, the police would handle it. But it seems that they are understaffed and under-prepared to handle individuals of this nature, who have no respect at all for the law of the land and will assault police when cornered. There’s no shortage of organized crime, rape, theft, drug dealing, and violence. However, the German government appears to be downplaying it to curb anti-Islamic sentiments.

It’s estimated that at least 290, 000 German migrants and refugees are unregistered and their whereabouts unknown. Many of the migrants are unemployable and incapable of being integrated into German culture. There are Muslim neighborhoods with a strict no-snitching culture. Many don’t call the police to report disturbances or criminal behavior.

It’s estimated that 1 in 4 German Muslims outright refuse integration and recognize religious law over the law of the land. Those who would commit crimes in these neighborhoods are protected by a culture of silence, allowing those who criminally offend, to do so again and again.

Germany is in over its head, but instead of admitting that there is a problem, they are downplaying the crime culture arising out of a portion of their migrant population. There in that minority are men who see women that are unaccompanied as fair game for sexual assault.

Many of these men have no identification or records of who they once were in another country. This makes any prior history of sexual assault unknown to German authorities, allowing these individuals to roam the streets freely.

Women and children are being sexually assaulted in refugee camps, with many of them being forced into prostitution. Migrant women reportedly have to push men off of themselves when cornered and fear rape so much that they sleep in their street clothes and don’t get up to use the bathroom at night.

When faced with these troubling facts, the sexual assaults on New Years Eve not only seem plausible but likely. Knowing the government’s history of downplaying these assaults, and their inability to track down all of the men involved, it is unlikely that any of the men accused will face serious jail time or be meaningfully reprimanded for their crimes.

So who’s to blame for the assaults? Why the men who assaulted the women of course, with their country’s government as an almost loyal accomplice. Fearing a racist backlash, the German government has abandoned it’s people, choosing instead to favor migrants and a dream of a more racially diverse Germany.

In their attempt to be more tolerant, and accepting, they’ve enabled criminals to prey upon German natives and refugees alike. They have turned a blind eye to the increase in crime, giving rise to racist radicals, as more and more people find themselves frustrated and living in fear.

In the pursuit of a dream the migrants came. But in Germany’s pursuit of multi-culturalism, thousands of people are being affected by living in a country that is not only multi-cultural but full of the kinds of people that will not hesitate to break the law and feel justified in doing so. The response to this on the part of Germany has been to double down, and to sweep the rising crime rate under the rug.

Instead of holding those criminals accountable, they dismiss any criticism of their messy immigration policy as mere racism, islamophobia, and xenophobia. The truth of the matter is that criminal behavior is going unchecked when committed by people that it is politically embarrassing to arrest.

The fact of the matter is that things like this happen when cultures clash, and things often get worse before they get better. But the dream of a perfect multicultural nation where people never engage in these kinds of conflicts is truthfully nothing more than a pipedream.

There really is no way to change the fact that different ways of thinking are bound to clash. For there to be something resembling peace, people need to be honest and a little yielding, but not stupid. If people are being assaulted, you let the public know and you try your damnedest to arrest those people. You bite the bullet and do the difficult thing, for the good of your country.

In my opinion dismissing such a complex and frustrating problem as mere racism and islamophobia, is not only irresponsible but disrespectful to everyone that has been wronged in this, including the majority of Syrian Refugees that haven’t engaged in any sort of crime.

It’s been almost a month since the attacks happened, and I still hear people dismissing the attacks as rape hysteria and not the response of a country under siege. People responding to the news that their government no longer supports and protects its people. It’s not seen as people being rightfully angry that their government suppressed information, but instead a demonstration of racism, and a hatred of Islam.

When you leave the door open, kind people will enter, but none of that matters if that kind person is killed by a cruel person behind them. The road to the attacks in Cologne is one paved in years of lies and silence. To stop it, it’s time for people to speak.

If we want to solve this problem, it’s time for people to admit that unchecked immigration isn’t a good thing. You aren’t Mother Teresa just because you leave your door unlocked, you’re a fucking idiot. While you’re letting strangers come in and make themselves at home, you put yourself and the people you care about at risk. Sure some of the people will just want a place to get out of the cold, but others will stab you in your sleep, take all your money, and not bat an eye.

That is the reality of unchecked immigration. Being careful and attempting a vetting process is not some evil conservative plot to disadvantage poor people and those fleeing war. It’s people agreeing to be nice, but not stupid. Maybe it’s time Germany did the same.

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