Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

Do you wanna know why there isn’t a female president yet? I’ll tell you why and it’s not because of some kind of patriarchal power structure. It’s because women here in the United States would rather be angry activists than politicians. They don’t want to do what they have to do to get to a position of power. Instead they complain endlessly that life isn’t good enough for them in a rich first world nation. Even though women have more rights and privileges in the U.S. than most men and women in the world, they can never be satisfied, and frankly no one would vote for someone like that anyway.

Why would you vote for someone who isn’t solution orientated? Someone who is a complainer and not a doer. Stupid feminists complain about the few remaining problems for humans in the first world and provide no viable solutions for those problems. Even the writer of this article is the perfect example for why women don’t get ahead in politics. People like her just want to do this for girl power. They want the position and the status without doing the serious hard work that comes with it.

They want to be able to be an extremist, a rebel, and expect people to vote for them. A politician isn’t a noble profession. A politician is basically a skilled liar and negotiator that occasionally does something good. People don’t like Hillary cause there’s nothing to suggest that she would be a good president, and I’d say the same thing about Bernie Sanders.

Feminists like the idea of power, but not the difficulty it takes to attain that power or the responsibility that comes with that power. This woman isn’t a politician because she liked the idea of it and not the job of being one. I would imagine that a lot of women are just like her, they want to bitch at politicians until they give them just enough so that they shut up.

Most of the changes people want, are to do with human problems. These are problems that can’t be changed without changing human nature. You can only pass strict policies that only hurt people in the long run but seem like good ideas in the short run. If Hillary was a man she wouldn’t be president, she wouldn’t even be in the running. The only reason she’s there is because she’s a woman, and people like the idea of a woman president. Just like how people liked the idea of a Black president, and Obama is just as much of an asshole as every other politician.