Chill-out woman. Find a better name than feminism then!
Pete Jones

How specifically did men as a whole create a division between men and women? When did men declare women the enemy and begin campaigns against them as a gender? When did men publicly declare that women were the source of all the world’s problems and that if we just kill most of them off, we can live in a meninist utopia?

Not ever did that happen. A lot of the grievances over how women were treated in the past is not being fairly assessed and is being judged based on our current standards of human treatment. Women were never treated more violently than men in past civilizations were, and you can read about how men who mistreated women were punished in numerous historical texts.

Women could rule countries, own land, run businesses, and were always valuable members of any community, all before feminism. Are you familiar with the history of Eunichs sir? Men would castrate other men, and have them guard over women. Meaning that men were willing to emasculate other men to protect women. If the desire to protect someone you love and care about is an act of war then I don’t know what to tell you.

How is this burning bridges? At what point did men declare war on women? I want to know.

Also Matriarchal societies that lived without war or famine? I find that incredibly hard to believe. All cultures have war to some degree, and have food shortages. I would really like to know what you’re smoking.

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