The Classist Undertones of Anti-MAGA Sentiment

Democrat politicians wearing cloths worn historically by an African empire responsible for enslaving conquered peoples and selling them into the Euro-American slave trade

The people who watched the Pro-Trump protests on television this week might be under the illusion that what they are witnessing is just classic right versus left politics. Unfortunately for them, every single one of them could not be more wrong. What I’ve watched transpire over the last eight years or so is not at it’s heart about political opinions so much as it is about a serious difference in lifestyle. What has been taking place is this gradual widening of the gap between the upper class and the lower class, and for years the Democratic party has tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the average voter, attempting to convince you that they are the party that cares about the poor.

However what we’ve been gradually seeing take place is a shift in left wing politics away from issues the average blue collar worker cares about. Instead they are embracing what can only be described as metropolitan values of normalizing the use of post modernist critical theory and intersectionality. Now if that last sentence sounded like gobbledygook, then it’s probably clear to you how the left lost most people in the last few elections. There’s this mentality amongst them, that if something is overly complicated, then it must be smart. But if something is simple and straightforward, it’s lowbrow and beneath them. Which is why they could not understand why anyone would vote for Donald Trump.

The reasons people voted for him were simple and uncomplicated. He said okay I’m a business man, I take risks, I’m going to get the best deal I can for the American people. He basically said that he didn’t care how good or bad it looked, he was going to do what he thought was best for America. However, instead of just discussing kitchen table issues, the DNC and their supporters proceeded to show the American people just how separated from reality they are. They went for straight character attacks and defamation. The average person looks at that and says, “Yeah but how do any of the accusations prevent him from doing his job adequately? How’s that going to prevent him from doing what he said he would do?” Which comes back to the title of this article. The initial aversion to Trump was not based on an inability to do the job, but the fact that he was not acceptable to the establishment. He was not bowing to them or kissing their ass.

Now sure Trump was not without flaw, but if you don’t understand what he represented to his voting base, you can’t claim to understand the situation. It was not about Donald Trump specifically, though he certainly had a charisma about him. It was about the fact that getting him in office, meant the people still had power and that anyone could be president. It meant that it wasn’t just some unattainable office meant only for people with families that had been in politics for generations, who had little care for the average person. It meant that anyone with enough support could be president regardless of background. The truth is that there have been presidents with much less education or experience but now we pretend that you must have a level of prestige to get all the way to end.

When it comes down to it, this is about the elites, the politicians in their back pockets, and a club that you’re not a part of. They are the ruling class. These are people of old money, and old connections, who are all distantly related to each other. It’s not even conspiratorial to suggest it. It’s something you can find out with even minor digging. There are politicians directly related to CEOs and journalists. These people all hangout together and help each other out. It’s not rocket science. The issue with Trump is that he wasn’t in that club. He was in the club with some CEOs, business people, and Hollywood types, but that’s not the right club to be President of the United States.

Protestors scaling the walls of the Capitol building

This is why this week when a bunch of Americans broke into the Capitol building, that club treated it as an act of terrorism, saying it was the end of democracy. These spoiled sheltered elites needed a fainting couch or two, because the lower class dared to stand in their prestigious workplace and hang out a bit. It was probably the first time that any of them had actually felt a sense of mortality. If BLM burns down poor black neighborhoods and small businesses, that’s fine to them because they don’t have to live there. They live in some far off well-protected gated community, away from the smoky stench of burning city. But if some everyday people decide they want to have a look at a building their taxes pay for, and speak to the people they employ about their ability to do their job, well that’s right out.

I bet that nothing quite had their panties in a twist than the woman they murdered who had the audacity to bleed on their floor. My god, how dare she? How dare people below their pay grade, come in and stink up the place? That’s what this is about. This is what the left leaning rhetoric has been about Trump supporters. It’s nothing but incessant complaining about people being poor and uncouth, specifically white people. They hate them because they are direct proof that their theories about “White privilege” are absolute garbage. They love to make fun of people who work at Wal-Mart or who have to live in a trailer park. At best all of their insults amount to MAGA folks being the type that doesn’t fit into their ideal of a diverse metropolitan city lifestyle. At worst they compare them to terrorists.

Nancy Pelosi’s massive 2.25 million dollar home in San Francisco, one of three lavish properties including a 2,350,000 million dollar vineyard in Napa Valley and a 2.15 million dollar condo in Georgetown

Which is funny, because none of these Democrat politicians live in “diverse areas.” They live in the rich white part of town, every single time. They speak endlessly about standing up for women, minorities, and LGBT folks but they don’t really care about them. At best they fetishize them and at worst they use them as political tools to assure the masses that they actually give a fuck. Here’s a hint, they don’t. For the last few years they’ve screeched about the sexist, racist, Trump supporters. Yet you break it all down and this is just about social etiquette and protocol for them. For the elite, screeching that someone seems vaguely racist, is about the same as chastising someone for using the wrong spoon at dinner. It’s all a game where the rules are all unspoken and unwritten, yet you’re meant to know them all.

The reality is that the elites in this country are not racist or sexist, they’re worse, because they treat anyone beneath them like dirt. They’ve done so for generations. The only difference now is that the internet makes this sort of information available to the average person. They can shut down your business, and put your family on the edge of homelessness, then conclude that your trouble is only worth 600 dollars, while they send 10 million in tax dollars to Pakistan for some kind of gender studies. Sure you’re losing your shirt over the pandemic, your life is in the toilet, and you’re watching relatives put a gun in their mouth, but don’t worry, the government says 600 dollars should about cover it. That is the level of disconnect embedded in the ruling class. This is why people voted for Trump.

Long lines of cars waiting to receive supplies from a local food bank after pandemic lockdowns led to record unemployment and lay offs.

Because while average people are suffering, the Democrats are worried that all these racial and gender programs are gonna break down, or that their favorite modern art museum might have to shut it’s doors forever. That’s what politicians care about, getting paid and protecting their lifestyle. Did you lose your job? Are your children starving? Well fuck them! Cause the Democrats want to focus on making gender reassignment surgery more accessible or some other such garbage. There is no sense of priorities or empathy among these people. They don’t care if anyone starves or if your loved ones die alone in a hospital bed because of pandemic restrictions. They are worried that some smelly gutter trash might take selfies at their cushy overpaid job.

Let’s just call leftism what it is at this point. It’s hatred of the poor and their habits while pretending to hate the upper class as you practice their habits and values. Do you want to join their club? Well fuck you! Because it’s a club of spoiled rich snobs and they’re not doing jack shit to keep college affordable or improve economic mobility. You’re gonna need to rack up a metric fuck ton of debt for a small chance of getting a middle class income. Do you want to work a trade job with no debt that’ll eventually pay you a living wage? Well fuck you too, because politicians and cancel culture are just going to decide one day that you look too much like a racist redneck or a sexist pig, and try to fuck you so that you never get work again. Why? Because you weren’t fancy enough! You weren’t metropolitan enough! You didn’t kiss their ass enough and give em’ a good old reach around!

Mass homelessness in Nancy Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco

These people live on a completely different planet. There will be people who will scream that the problem here is capitalism and that a socialist or communist system would better serve us, and those people are idiots. This isn’t a capitalist problem, it’s a power problem. We need term limits on senators and representatives. Problem is that those senators and representatives need to want to make that law in the first place and they have to vote on it, so it’s not getting done. It’s the same issue with any position of power that can be kept indefinitely. The power is far too concentrated among a small group of people and a small number of families.

However I’m not in favor of wealth re-distribution. Far from it in fact. I think that if you required every major public servant to live in the worst neighborhood in their district, you’d begin to see some changes. I think we need to do more to make the job of being a politician, like a regular job, so that rich families begin to find it less attractive. I think if the left wants to talk about being champions of the poor, how about they give a homeless person a job, if affirmative action is a priority. How about instead of that kid who’s the 40th cousin of a Vanderbilt, you hire that woman living outside of the Laundromat with one set of clothes. But they’re not going to unless it directly benefits them. So maybe Tammy living outside the Laundromat won’t get hired, but they’ll hire Tasha the lower upper class black queer transgender who’s father hung out with a politician’s best friend in college. So progressive.

The worst part in all this is that the left and most of the right can not see this for what it is. This is not about protecting the thousand and one identity groups from “fascist bigots.” This is a power grab. The aristocracy has always liked what they consider to be exotic. Royals would sometimes find it fashionable to have a person from a foreign land with darker skin or a little person in their court, and put them in fancy clothes. But the problem is these people being kept around as a novelty don’t realize that this is what they are to the elite. They think they are gonna be in power some day, but this is a distraction to keep them from realizing that everyday they are having more rights stripped away from them, and becoming a slave class in this country.

Rally for Bernie sanders pre-pandemic
Another Bernie Rally so that it sinks in
Average rally size for Joe Biden
Yeah if you believe this guy beat Bernie fair and square, you’re delusional, and I don’t even like the guy. This is the most flattering camera angle they could get to make Joe’s crowd seem big.

The left leaning LGBT folks, the racial minorities, the people who live on the fringes of society, keep travelling in these insane circles of illogical bullshit. For example, if Russia tampered with the last election, why would you believe that the election of Joe Biden was magically the legitimate one? Why would you feel comfortable in a country where the least likable democrat candidate somehow beat out people campaigning for months, after showing up at the last minute? In the last two elections, Bernie Sanders was the popular candidate of the DNC, and yet somehow he gets beat both times by the two candidates everyone wanted the least? None of that makes sense and yet people will just side step these facts like it means nothing, all because of their dislike for President Trump.

My favorite of these folks are the people who were saying that now that Joe Biden is president, everything is going to be peaceful. However, they can not see the bigger picture here. They can not see what is taking place. Historically, every time there’s been riots on this scale, it has been followed by extreme authoritarian crackdowns. You think this is about stamping out bigotry? Think again. This is about creating the problem and then presenting yourself as the cure. Statistically speaking, crime was going down in this country pretty consistently. Incidents like that of the death of George Floyd were increasingly rare. However, the concerns of groups like Black Lives Matter were used as a tool to stoke tensions in this country so that Joe Biden, the rich white establishment politician, can come in and pretend to be the one who will save them from the “awful racist police.”

But the reality is that what is about to happen in this country is that more people in general are about to go to prison or get arrested. They are going to crack down on everything all around, but at first it’ll seem like it’s just those trashy MAGA folks. At first it will seem like all of these horrible bigots are getting what’s coming to them. Then they will come for you, or your family, or your friends for seemingly innocuous things. You’ll think, “How did this happen? This was supposed to be about punishing all those terrible white oppressors, those horrible rednecks!” But it’s not. To them what’s happens next is not oppression, or the destruction of human rights, it’s just herding cattle. The farmer doesn’t dwell on the thoughts of cattle, and that’s what you are to them. It makes no difference what you look like. They own you.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump because I thought he was this great messiah. By the end of his first term I thought him rude, sloppy, and tactless. I voted for him because he was the only thing delaying these lunatics from taking over completely. The GOP is full of weak willed establishment hacks. The idea that the left has endlessly portrayed them as a bunch of dangerous fascists is laughable. No, these are a bunch of complacent spineless assholes that enjoy their cushy little job. They aren’t going to fight back. They aren’t going to rock the boat. Nancy Pelosi ought to put a ball gag and nipple tassels on Mitch McConnell, because that would be less humiliating than watching the turtle prattle on, pretending like his balls aren’t practically non-existent at this point.

There is no politician who is coming to save us. At best, all we could’ve done is delayed this tyranny for awhile. The stage was already set for all of this to take place. The pandemic only served to accelerate it all. I just want to assure everyone politically to the left of Tim Pool, who might be reading this now, that yes you did fuck yourself and everyone else by voting for Joe. No, your concerns of bigotry and fascism will not be addressed by this administration, but they’re sure as hell going to give you some shitty conciliation prizes and thank you for playing. But don’t worry they’ll at least act excited, and pretend like you won before they fuck you in the ass. All the virtue signaling is merely lubrication.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

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