The House is on Fire

Rachel Edwards
Apr 26 · 7 min read

As we stand on the precipice of yet another election where sociopaths stand on a stage and pretend to care, one thing is abundantly clear. Millennials are going to get shafted no matter what color their state turns come election day. One need only do a simple google search on Millennials to pull up the startling statistics. Statistics that the democrats specifically are relying on for a shot at election. But the stunning reality is that Millennials are both drowning in student debt and are making less money than their parents did at the exact same age. Something which laziness isn’t enough to account for.

While I myself am a Millennial consistently disgusted with other Millennials, even I can understand to a degree why there is a serious problem here. A lot of us grew up being told that college was what you needed to be successful. You’re told that you go to college, you get a good job. That is the same message that has been pushed through the public school system for at least two decades. The disconnect arises when you come to the realization that not only do most people not belong in college, but most would be better served by a significantly cheaper trade school. It’s not difficult to see the outcome of such a disconnect between the fantasy of a college education and the reality.

While Millennials are drowning in debt there seems to be no end in sight for schools that have no incentive to keep costs down. A simple breakdown of finances in your average university spending of tuition shows that skyrocketing tuition costs are not going towards the salary of professors but instead to continue the rise in salary for office faculty, and go towards campus pet projects like building more campus diversity spaces. This ultimately means that tuition is not going up because education is better now than what your parents received, or that professors are now more skilled, but because Universities are getting more greedy and the government is more than willing to grant financial aid to students and aid Universities in that greed.

But this metaphorical house fire is not merely a matter of debt. When we look at the economic mobility of the Millennial demographic it’s not a pretty picture. One study says that only a third of Millennials were earning more than their parents with several more studies showing similar results. This can only be disastrous in the long term as the general cost of living continues to go up with the expectation that Millennials should be experiencing a level of financial mobility that they can not hope to have fall into their laps. The result of this is a sort of “failure to launch” scenario where Millennials live longer with their parents, delay marriage, and delay starting a family.

I assure you that despite the insanity of what is to transpire in the oncoming election year, not a single person standing on that stage is going to offer Millennials a chance at the American dream of having a house, a family, and a good paying job. Certainly more people are employed now than four years ago, but they are not receiving wages in line with the current cost of living. I am by no means suggesting a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Such a thing would be absolutely disastrous, and is completely unsustainable. But something has to give because we are looking at a perfect storm of absolute misery for this generation, with no hint of aid in sight.

To you the reader I want to take this moment to say something long overdue. When you enter this election year come next January, and these fucking morons are on the stage promising you healthcare, student debt forgiveness, and anything they can manage to pull out of their asses, I’m going to ask you not to be an idiot. Because when we look at Obamacare which is on the verge of collapse, and social security which will collapse under the sheer number of long lived baby boomers, remember that not a single one of these people care whether you can retire one day. The statistics are pretty clear. Most of us are going to be working till we die. Will any of these things that they are promising you, really help in that scenario? Especially in this country where age discrimination and forced retirement is a very real thing.

I’m going to get really dark here for a moment. Right now these assholes who are members of the elite ruling class, they are relying on you being distracted by the emotional contentious issues that are easy to get sucked into. But there are way more important things at stake this election, than things like racism, sexism, and the myriad of other isms. They want you to get angry and lose your mind so that you forget that you may never afford a house or any kind of property in your lifetime. None of the assholes on that stage are going to make that easier as far as I can see. They want you to think, “Oh this and that person is awful,” so that you aren’t thinking about the fact that you can’t afford to have children, and you may be working until you die with no sign of retirement in sight.

When they promise you shit I want you to remember how many of these people had an opportunity to say something about the increasing greed of colleges, but did nothing. I want you to think about how many of them had chances to say something about predatory lending but did nothing. I want you to think about how many times they had opportunities to fix basic infrastructure, but instead voted to give themselves an increase in salary. These motherfuckers do not care about us. They are not public servants. Their actions have more than proven that. They are only in service to themselves.

The sooner you realize that politics is not about the government taking care of you, the sooner you will realize what needs to be done. If people glean anything from this coming shitstorm, I hope that it’s this. Politics is not about the government acting like a parent, it’s about you trying to preserve your rights as a human being. Lately we’re not being treated like human beings. We’re being treated like labels, political pawns, and voting blocks. We’re being treated like numbers on a page, and not people that desire the most base of human needs.

We will not be given incentives to raise children. The far left is so disgusted with the state of being human that they view humans as parasites on this planet and that we need to have less of them. They aren’t going to fight for you to be able to get married and have a family. They aren’t going to be making housing cheaper. Why would you need that if your not going to have children or get married? After all they’ve already successfully brainwashed generations of girls into thinking that the absolute goal in life is to have a career. They’ve got to have a career to push that girl power feminist agenda. When would such selfish career driven women even have time to be a parent?

The twenty something number of Democrats competing for candidacy already have a vision of what they think America ought to be. It is severely disjointed from the reality we are living in. They do not care about what is in your best interests. In fact I dare say that they even think they know what’s better for you than you do. Don’t get me wrong, the promises they will be making sound good. They always do. But there is not a single promise that will be made on the far left, that will not financially fuck over the next few generations, saddling them with even more government debt.

This is what is so incredibly infuriating about being a Millennial watching other Millennials. They hear these lofty promises and do not understand that the government can not afford it. Regular taxes won’t be enough to pay for it. Taxing the rich won’t be enough to pay for it. The only alternative would be to borrow money from enough countries that we are debt slaves to them for now into perpetuity. These people are so incredibly selfish that they are not thinking about the fact that their actions could condemn future generations. They are only thinking about the short term pay off. However tempting it may sound in the moment, whatever bullshit explanation they give for how we will afford it, don’t be an idiot. They have no idea the what fuck they are doing.

We really have to face the facts of what is to come. We have been boned by the Baby Boomer generation. There will be no safety nets for us. No amount of pulling oneself up by their bootstraps is going to stop the long term financial hardship that is to be upon the majority of us. There are no amount of social programs that are going to come and save us from what is going to happen. The beautiful flowery words of politicians is not going to end the opioid epidemic or allow us to retire when our bodies are giving out.

Now it is easy to be swallowed by the immensely grave future that sits in front of us, and knowing this we have a choice. We can either continue to make selfish decisions as if we will eventually attain the wealth achieved by our parents or we can start making better choices now and stop listening to the bullshit promises from the Boomer Generation and Gen X. We can make good financial choices, tighten our belts, learn new things, and plan for old age. We can simplify our lives and become more self-sustaining. That way no matter what happens we can say we at least fought for a small piece of happiness rather than being swallowed by depression, the lure of lies, and unapologetic degeneracy.

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