This is satire, right?
Leslie Henry

To be clear I was actually not accusing lesbians as a whole as not being for equality. But that feminism best served the views of some particularly angry and violent women that happened to be lesbians or chose to be due to their politics.

Mainly because the focus is often on men being the enemy. There’s a lot of feminist literature written by lesbian women that is particularly hateful towards men, and those adopting these kinds of beliefs often have no interest in egalitarianism or in fixing the division between men and women.

Mainly because it’s not within their interest to do so. Heterosexual women adopting these beliefs often become paranoid and hateful towards men and then wonder why they are unhappy, and it’d because the lifestyle of a lesbian career woman doesn’t mesh with what would make them as a heterosexual woman happy.

The point being that you can’t expect that what makes people who have different goals and standards happy, will make you happy. It’d be like me, as a not so athletic nerd trying to be an olympic runner and wondering why I’m miserable.

Basically a political belief system based on man-hating and blaming men for all your problems, isn’t going to suit a woman that wishes to have a healthy relationship with a man and have children.

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