To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz

To Women I dislike, About unwarranted fear

There is a reason that I prefer hanging out with men over women. It’s this sense of honesty there. They often do not put on a show. They don’t put on airs or try to impress when the group is predominantly male. Your value in the group is in your ability to bring something to the table.

You have to be able to crack jokes and not take things too seriously. You make peace with the horrifying nature of life through gallows humor. It will be crude and sometimes sexual humor, but still fun and light hearted.

When I try to have these kinds of conversations with women it often feels forced, and I’ve grown accustomed to other women saying, “Oh Rachel you’re so funny”, or “Rachel you’re something else.” It’s that kind of nervous laughter that happens which is often unsettling as I know precisely what it means.

Because I know that in a group of women, there are girls who want to laugh at the jokes. They want to be free to speak. They want to make the jokes right along with me, and then there are the women who’ll make that face as if you just dropped your pants and took a shit in the middle of the room by making your crude joke. They took that joke personally, even though it wasn’t about them or directed at them, and now they are gonna make your life a living hell.

The girls who want to make the jokes don’t do so in a group of women because of that one bitch who personalizes everything. They are being held hostage verbally by this person. She internalizes everything and makes your life a living nightmare. She is the narcissistic cunt that can’t take a joke or make one, gets offended by anything and everything, and believes than men on the train are raping her with their eyes.

So today when I came across this article entitled, “To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me” I couldn’t help but feel like the woman writing it was one of those women who makes everyone miserable. You see there’s two main kinds of women that have guy friends. The girl who has stuff in common with people who just happen to be guys, and the girl who just likes being the center of attention.

You’ll know which one you have because the latter will become overly offended by basic group dynamics. She won’t just get offended, she’ll hear a joke and get so offended that she storms off over something really minor, and will have this major depressive episode where maybe she even says that she’s on the verge of suicide. Through dealing with these emotional outbursts she forces the men to walk on eggshells around her, and change how they act, until everyone is as miserable as she is.

This woman can’t be bothered to find less offensive men to hang out with. She has to force these men to be her ideal friends, silent, compliant, and unoffensive. Because this woman internalizes everything and gets so offended, every man seems like a sexual predator to her.

I find it hilarious that women who are so dominant believe that they are being silently oppressed by men. When in reality they dominate everyone around them by policing their speech and conduct.

The funny thing is that these women are actually distrusting men because they distrust their own ability to judge character. Most of the women I’ve seen ending up in bad situations where they go off to be alone with men who can’t be trusted are the people so used to getting attention, that they don’t know they are being lured into a trap.

They are used to guys giving them things, so they don’t know when someone is an irrational stalker. They are used to attention, so they don’t know when a man is interested in them. They are used to guys just buying them drinks, so they don’t suspect that a guy might be trying to get them drunk to take advantage of them.

They don’t speak the language of men, and so any action, any comment, any joke that makes them uncomfortable is seen as almost a kind of assault or the prelude to an assault. All because these are the women that don’t understand men, or speak their language. They don’t understand men, and so they get paranoid due to their inability to discern between which men are friends, which are romantically interested in them, and which ones want to rape them.

So they’ll justify their shitty treatment of men with articles like the one I read. Which basically amounted to, “Don’t get angry at me for irrationally believing that every man is a potential rapist, due to my past lapses in judgment! Don’t ask me to understand men. Just trust me when I say that your behavior is evil and makes me scared because I have a fixation on violence against women. If you speak to women like you would a man, they might think you’re a rapist, so be certain to speak to me as if I were a princess.”

The woman who wrote that article is basically acting like these men in her life should be held accountable for the actions of some men who were cruel to her. Which is honestly about as shitty as making comments about someone’s body. Because basically it means policing speech and treating someone as if they’re a potential rapist for saying things you don’t like. It’s a really fucked up thing to do to someone, especially to men you call your friends.

How about, instead of making everything about you and your experiences, you maybe consider how you might be burdening your group of friends and everyone around you with your behavior. If you don’t like your friends and their behavior, get different friends. Don’t look at people as if they are a project that needs to be fixed. Don’t demand acceptance for your own shitty behavior, and stop acting like every man is a sexual predator.

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